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Letting breast milk dry up....help please!

DD is 4 months and yesterday I switched her over to formula.  Breastfeed just wasn't working and due to stress my milk supply was beginning to be affected.  I talked to my pediatrician about switching her over to formula and asked if I should do it gradually or not.  He said there was absolutely no need to do it gradually and to just switch.  So that's what I did.  I am in SO much pain right now from engorgement!  I know it can take a couple weeks to a couple months for my milk to dry up, but am I going to be in pain for that entire time?  Is there anything I can do to help ease the pain?
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Re: Letting breast milk dry up....help please!

  • i pumped once a day just to relieve the engorgement and weaned off pumping.  fortunately, (but unfortunately) i was having supply issues so i think it didn't take long.  i was only in pain real bad one day.  good luck
  • ive heard that cold cabbage leaves help....you can try that....Good Luck!!
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  • Sudefed will dry you up according the pharmacist I called when I had a cold.
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  • I pumped/hand expressed just enough to relieve engorgement.  It takes longer, but at least it's not painful
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  • Thanks ladies!  I'll try some of your suggestions. 
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  • I don't have an answer for you, but wanted to say hi!  I haven't seen you on BOTB in FOREVER!!!
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  • Try a cold pack. Don't let hot water on 'em. it gets sooooo worse!
  • I really just wanted to stop in and tell you I live like 30 minutes from Jacksonville in Kinston. :) I have heard ibuprofen can ease some of the pain. Good luck!
  • This is what the Dr. told me to do and it worked great: Pump your breasts completely and then put the tightest fitting sports bra you can stand on, place cabbage leaves on your breasts if you are in pain (this will help you dry up...FYI this really smells bad, I personally couldn't stand the smell). This worked like a charm for me . Originally I just tried to deal with the engorgement, but developed clogged ducts all over my breasts...pumping them dry made a huge difference!! Good Luck!! 1ht

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  • I used Sudafed once a day for 3 days, drank sage tea three times a day for a week, pumped for literally like a minute to relieve pressure for 2 days, and put cold cabbage leaves in my bra for a few days.  All of these remedies combined, I was only in actual pain for one day. Hang in there! GL
  • Pump for a few minutes or BF for a few minutes to get relief.  Continue to do this for relief, but try to lengthen the time into between sessions.  No need to be in pain!
  • Motrin, Sudafed, tight sports bras, ice in the bra, cabbage leaves. I stuck a overnight  maxi pad in the bra to absorb the leakage. It was like i had two round bricks for almost a week. It DOES get better. If you get any redness or clogged ducts pump just a little. You don't want mastitis.
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