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Morning May mamas

have a terrific Tuesday!

I did play with my doppler last night and think I heard the hb for a few seconds here and there. I need to really get down and dirty with it again tonight Stick out tongue

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Re: Morning May mamas

  • I haven't even considered buying one yet since it was virtually non-existent at the MW office just a few days ago. Stupid retroverted uterus. I'm excited for you though. And totally jealous.

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  • Good morning! I've been wide awake since about 3:45. Ugh! I just toss and turn all night between getting up to pee. I did however take one of those Intelli Gender things this morning (my mom bought it) and it said that I was having a girl, which I think I'm having anyway (just a hunch), now we get to wait a million years for an U/S. lol
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  • Morning! Thankful today for a decent night of sleep. DD at least slept in her own bed all night. Yay!

    I have played with my doppler a few times, but have decided to lay off until after my doctor appointment next Monday. It just makes me worried when I can't find it and yes, I know it is still really early :)

  • Good morning.  I also am thankful for a good night's sleep for once.  I get the day off work too, because DH woke up really sick.  So I'm staying home to take care of him.   

    I am excited for tomorrow to come so I can hear the heartbeat!!!!!!! Crosses fingers.
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  • Morning all!
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  • Morning! Tuesday is way better than Monday!!  I hope everyone has a fantastic day!
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  • Good morning! My friend is loaning me her doppler and it is in the mail! I hope it comes by Friday so I can start listening right at 9 weeks. 

    I hope everyone has a nice day. The Fall weather is beautiful here!  

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  • Today I will get to see and hear my LO for the first time! Super excited and super nervous!!! The next 8 hours are going to take forever!!!

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