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XP: First ultrasound update :)

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My first prenatal visit went really well this morning... the little bean is doing great and is even a day ahead of schedule, so my official due date is now May 28, 2011!

A bittersweet moment occurred when my doctor told (and showed) DH and I that there were actually two sacs present, but the second showed only a yoke, and apparently never developed.  Shocked to hear that there might have been two beans in there, and a little sad.  But the strong little bean shouldn't be affected by the empty sac, and the OB said it the second sac will probably be reabsorbed. :( There's no history of twins in my family... must just be my over-anxious eggs wanting to make sure something stuck!

My OB doesn't measure the heartrate, but we saw it flickering away on the screen!  We'll go see a geneticist next Monday to talk about testing and schedule the NT Scan.  Crazy, wonderful day!

Here's a pic (it's a straight on shot, big head to the left, little arm and leg stubbies sticking out on each side, and I think you can even see the belly button and maybe the umbilical cord swinging below):


Gotta get back to work now... will check in again in a bit and update on the blog later this evening.  Have a great afternoon, everyone!

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