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Halloween Events actually ON the 31st??

So... what's going on that we can take our one year old to on ACTUAL Halloween night? 
I'm kind of frustrated right now.  It seems nothing is going on/no one wants to go out on Halloween night because the Saints game will be on.  Don't get me wrong - we are die hard fans, but this is DD's first real Halloween (she was only two months old last year) and I realize she wont know any better, but I will and I want the memory.  Not to mention the following:
DH works weekends normally - Fri, Sat and Sun evenings, every weekend.  He had to pull strings a month in advance to get Halloween night off to spend with us and now we find out nothing is going on.  Park-a-Boo, Boo at the Zoo and the like are all the weekends before or only on Sat and Sun of Halloween weekend.  Of course DH will be working those evenings.  We had planned to spend the 31st with family but everyone in the family is passing on TOTing/GTGs and staying in to watch the game.  Grrrrr.
Any other events happening?

Re: Halloween Events actually ON the 31st??

  • None that I know of...why can't people just ToT early if they want to be home for the game.

    I hope you guys find something to do!! :)

  • I don't know of any actually ON Halloween. I know some schools do Trunk of Treat, maybe check that out? I know my nieces school does that and is holding it earlier than usual this year due to the game.

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