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12 week NT Scan scheduled.......

So I had my 1st ultra sound yesterday (8w1d).....My OB (who by the way is also a perinatologist which makes me feel good) & I discussed whether or not I wanted to have an Amnio (I am 41 & a 1st time Mom to be).  I explained that I would prefer going through a few extra scans & blood work before going to such an invasive test, if she thought it was a good idea - basically taking it one test/step at a time.  She agreed, so we scheduled my 12 wk scan & RBO (can't remember the name) for 11/12.  

Anyone else in a similar situation?  Comments always accepted!


Re: 12 week NT Scan scheduled.......

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    SweetPea, I'm in pretty much the same boat... just turned 40, 1st pregnancy, and my 1st ultrasound is coming up on Monday (I'll be 8w1d too, unless the measurements say differently).  My OB isn't a perinatologist (I don't think so at least) so one of my big questions for her is whether treatment differs for an AMA patient, and what she recommends test wise.  

    My husband and I would like to play it by ear as well.  At the same time, I would like to know which tests my doctor considers the most accurate, as well as the safest ones.  I'd rather stay away from invasive tests, but I'd also like some peace of mind, so I don't yet know which route will give me the best of both worlds.  

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    I'm 35, this is my second, and I did have the NT scan done a few weeks ago. I had talked to my OB about it and he said that generally they recommend that first then a level II u/s if there are any concerns. An amnio would then follow that if needed. The NT is much more accurate when used with the blood work. When PG with DS in 2006, the NT wasn't as widespread and I only had the quad screen done. Now, even my sister who is 25 and PG for the first time had the NT done as well. Here are some research stats from Wikipedia to give you an idea of the accuracy of NT scans:

    Nuchal scanning alone detects 62% of all Down Syndrome with a false positive rate of 5.0%, the combination with blood testing gives corresponding values of 73% and 4.7%.[8] In another study values of 79.6% and 2.7% for the combined screening were then improved with the addition of second trimester ultrasound scanning to 89.7% and 4.2% respectively.[9] A further study reported detection of 88% for trisomy 21 (Down syndrome) and 75% for trisomy 18 (Edwards syndrome), with a 3.3% false-positive rate.[10] Finally, using the additional ultrasound feature of an absent nasal bone can further increase detection rates for Down syndrome to more than 95%.[11] 

    I hope this helps, and good luck with everything! 


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    Sure does help!  Thanks much Ladies!
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    I'm 37 and expecting my 2nd.  I was 35 when I had my 1st.  With both pregnancies I decided to start with the screening tests and only do something invasive if it seemed necessary.  So far so good!  I did the Sequential/Integrated screen with both and the results came back fine.  The Sequential screen combines the NT results and 1st tri bloodwork with the 2nd tri bloodwork (quad screen) for an even greater detection rate (over 90% of downs).  You have to decide up front when you're getting your 1st tri bloodwork and NT Scan that you want to go with this sort of screen, but I like having the increased detection rate.  You don't get detailed results after the 1st tri portion of the test, but if the results show that you are high risk they'll let you know in the 1st tri.  You then get more detailed risk rates after the 2nd tri portion of the bloodwork. 

    Good luck!

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    I am 36 with my second child (37 at time of birth). I have the first us a week from Thursday. I met with a genetics counselor last week since I am over 35 and it was shocking to see how the odds really drop with age (scary). No family history of anything (lucky for us). The med center I go to really pushes for amnio for mother's over 35. I too do not want invasive testing unless medically necessary. I am just starting with the first tests (12 week) and go from there as well. 

    With my first child I did the scan and blood work and my results were below average (least amount of risk since no test guarantees anything), so hopefully its the same. I know the testing through the state of CA is different now, you get a blood test at 12 weeks and us and again at 18 weeks.

    Good luck! 

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    Just keep in mind that the NT scan (even when combined w/ blood work) just gives you the ODDS of having a baby w/ chromosomal abnormalities.  Only a CVS or Amnio will give you definite results.  I have heard stories of women being given odds after a NT scan of 1/2500 and giving birth to a baby w/ DS.  And to give another perspective, I was given odds of 1/3 for a baby w/ DS after our NT scan, and the CVS showed no extra chromosomes.  I had just turned 35 and have no history of genetic issues in my family so I was shocked.  But the CVS gave me a definitive answer - as would have an Amnio, but I couldn't wait that long to know.  If you go to a doctor that does hundreds of CVS's a year, your risk of m/c is incredibly low. 
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