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Slidell OB?

I hope you ladies can help. I am looking for an OB in Slidell. I am only five weeks and am worried my asking around at work would give me away. Thanks!

Re: Slidell OB?

  • Most of my gf use Dr. Lobello and love her.  Dr. Caire is over there too, he's old though, really old, but I've heard he's good.
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  • Thank you for replying. I was going to check out another doctor in dr lobello's practice. I don't think dr caire does OB work anymore.
  • Some of the ladies I work with use Dr. Cherry.
  • I would suggest Dr.Roskos. She is great.
  • Sorry this is really late, (I'm new) but I thought I would throw this out there for any future readers.... Dr. Caire does still practice (edit:not sure if he does OB work anymore, maybe just GYN), he works with Dr. Landry who is also wonderful. Dr. Cherry is great but is a GYN only. Good luck!
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