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PSA - If You Have Recurrent Plugged Ducts

Evening Primrose Oil capsules are AMAZING for this!

I've heard of taking Lecithin, but couldn't find a supplement that didn't contain an allergen for Ari.

Leftie is constantly clogging & usually it would take 3-4 days of heating pads, nursing on that side nearly all day, pumping like crazy, etc. Then it would clog again with in days, so bad that there would be a huge lump of milk just beneath the nipple, making it hard for Ari to latch properly.

500 mgs of EPO solved my plugged duct overnight.  I've been taking it for 5 days & it hasn't recurred. It seems like my let down is faster & stronger too.


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Ari has 3 food allergies/sensitivities, down from 21 @ 16 months! Mama is Gluten & Dairy free.


Re: PSA - If You Have Recurrent Plugged Ducts

  • Good to know!  Thanks for sharing!

    We will be moving to Greenville in a few months!  DH grew u in G'ville. 

  • Question for you...what do you mean when you said you couldn't find a lecithin supplement that didn't contain an allergen?  I have a major clogged duct issue too and I have been taking lecithin (from GNC) and it has worked wonders.  I am just curious what you mean by that allergen comment? I wonder if I should switch to Evening Primrose Oil too? 


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