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Already on bed rest

So yesterday at work I started bleeding, it was a dark brown but I wasn't cramping with it.  I rushed to the doctor.  We did an ultrasound and everything was fine, thank God!!!  Heart beat was good and strong!  My cervix was closed off and everything looked normal, but she put me on bedrest until Monday just in case.  Never in a milliion years did I think I would be on bed rest at 7 weeks
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Re: Already on bed rest

  • I'm surprised that you are on bed rest this early as well. I'm sure your doctor is just playing it safe. Take it easy and relax.
  • They probably just want you to rest until the spotting stops.  Thankfully it's just for a few days, and hopefully that's all it will be.  Prop up your feet and read a good book :)

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  • I'd much rather be overly cautious at this point. Keep your feet up, enjoy being waited on, and catch up on trashy reality tv!
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  • Although its killing me cause I'm a very active person.. I'm going to do exactly what the doctor says!!  If I have to lay here for the rest of my pregnancy lurking on the bump I will!!!  I'd do anything for my little peanut!!!
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  • Oh my gosh!  I'm glad everything is ok!  I would definately curl up with a book and my laptop for the weekend!  Take care!
  • Sorry to hear that!  Take care of that little baby and let DH pamper you!
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  • Take it easy, and try not to stress too much - I know easier said than done.  Come Monday everything might be looking really good!  Bleeding early on, especially brown seems common.  Well, it's common for me!  Hope you do not have to spend a pg on bedrest. 
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  • I feel your pain GSD.  My bleeding is from a subchorionic hemorrhage, did they mention anything like that for you?

    I have been on bedrest since Sunday and, here I sit until at least Tuesday.  It isn't the most fun, but I'm with you, I'll stay here for 7 months if I have to.

    Hope everything is great at your follow up.

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  • I had a week of no exercising due to heavy spotting so I can sympathize with how hard it is, but I definitely wasn't on bed rest.  I think your Dr. is just being very cautious.  But hey, use it as an excuse to be lazy and catch up on a good book.  Hope your spotting stops!

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