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Ladies.   I know Target has maternity wear as well as Destination Maternity.  I know there are a bunch of online options as well.  What I was wondering is if anywhere else physically sells maternity clothes in area stores?  Affordable is best since these items won't be classics that I hold on to.  How about a nice consignment shop for maternity wear?  I need some more clothes and would like to find out my options.  I've had a challenge finding a dress for a wedding (not formal, but I want to look respectable).  I  waited a bit too long to do the online thing plus I find that much of the maternity dresses are in a very casual looking material and it is hard to tell that online.  Many, many thanks!

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  • I believe Kid2Kid (a consignment shop on Severn) has some maternity clothes. I bought a lot from Old Navy (the westbank store has maternity) and the Gap (on sale.) There are more options than you think!
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  • I made the the drive over to Motherhood maternity outlet in Gulfport. I got a bunch of cute sundresses. They also have a store in Mandeville.
  • When I was at Destination Maternity about two weeks ago I saw quite a few formal-ish dresses.  And several were on sale - especially the Pea in the Pod brand dresses which are normally stupid expensive (I think anyway, given the limited time you can wear them). 
    As PP said, Kid2Kid has a maternity section.  Macy's at Esplanade Mall (not the one at Lakeside) has a small maternity section - they carry Motherhood/Pea in the Pod stuff.
    Baby Bump on Severn in Metairie.  I haven't been there myself, but that's only because I'm afraid to walk in and gawk at the prices.  lol  I've been told they are pricey, but I don't know for sure.  Worth a look if you're short on time. 
  • Oh yes and the Old Navy in Elmwood has a small maternity section.
    But I wanted to add, for everyday clothes, with my first pregnancy I only purchased a few maternity shirts and jeans.  Mostly, I wore regular shirts from any store I would normally shop at, except I would buy a size larger.  Or I would specifically look for longer/tunic shirts.  I bought a couple of non-maternity sundresses with empire waiste to accomodate my belly. 
    This time around I plan to do much of the same.  I'll buy a couple maternity sweaters (since I was pg in the summer last time and it will be winter this time) and I bought two semi-dressy dresses from Destination Maternity, but so far I have otherwise only bought some non-maternity leggings from Target to wear with dresses or long shirts.  And as I need larger shirts, I will just get a size up if and when needed so I can wear them after the pregnancy.
  • Dont forget the Red White and Blue in Harahan past the Wal Mart.  Affordable, yes, a bit of a treasure hunt, yes, but well worth it.  I have been several times and often find maternity clothing that has never been worn, with tags still attached.  Worth the trip.
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