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due date change - vent

This will probably sound really stupid, and I think some of it is just the hormones, so please bear with me.  We had an u/s done Monday.  Dr called me today to let me know everything looked great, but that I was measuring smaller than what they thought my due date should be, so they bumped my due date back 11 days.  Ugh!  I am so excited to tell people, but DH and I kind of agreed we would wait until 12 weeks (our close family already knows).  DH works in the public eye, so when we go public, it has to be a very broad announcement, and basically everyone and their cousin will know.  So, I understand waiting a few more weeks.  But I just want to be able to talk about it!  And to let people know "Hey, I'm not coming cause I'm feeling sick" and have them understand!  Anyone else feeling like this?

(Thanks for reading - vent over.)

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Re: due date change - vent

  • Well we went ahead and told everyone because as much at 12 weeks sounds safe, things can happen even after that. Something could happen at anytime, but I'm pregnant now so I'm going to be happy and excited and tell people!

    I know that isn't really advice, but it is what we did. Maybe you and DH could talk about it. If you really feel passionate about 12 weeks, then that is fine. But at the end of the day 12 is only a number and really it isn't magic.

    I am glad everything is okay with your bean though!! 

  • Sorry sweety! Mine was pushed back too but we already let a few people know so we are still going as we had planned. I'm glad everyting is good besides VERY thankful for that. Maybe you and DH should sit down and decide what's going to be best for you...GL!  
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  • I agree with the PP that 12 weeks is only a "number" Things could happen at any time, but after you see the hb that % goes down. You and DH just need to see when it is the right time for you guys! It is GREAT that everything is looking good!!!
  • The same thing happened to me with DD.  My due date was moved back by six days, which felt like a lifetime at the time.  I understand wanting to wait until the end of first trimester to make an announcement so I hope the next few weeks fly by for you.
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  • With my longer schedules and based on my last pg, I knew my date would be different then my LMP EDD of 4/30.  But I will admit - I was sad when my first u/s dated us at 5/6...and excited when my second one dated us at 5/2.  My OB is going with 5/4, lol.

    I agree about the 12 week thing that pp said.  I would tell when you feel comfortable with your pregnancy....whether that be hearing the heartbeat or seeing an u/s.

    We plan on going FB public on Friday and I can not wait!

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