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For all you full time working mamas, how long do you get off after your little one makes his/her debut?


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  • Paid 52 weeks. Plus sick time/vacation if I want to go out a bit early.
  • Wow!!!! that is ridiculous and fabulous all at the same time! Lucky you!!! I only get 6 weeks paid at 66.6% percent of my normal pay.. I have to supplement the other 33.3% with my own vacation time, sick time, or take it unpaid!!!!

    You truly have an awesome job! I would have to say, I am quite a bit jealous! ;)

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  • FMLA requires 12 weeks, but it doesn't have to be paid. 

    At my work I have to use up my Sick leave and Vacation.

  • I work government in Canada, so I have an even better deal than most as I get paid more than just EI for my leave. Most parents just get EI, which tops out around $450/week.

    I don't like my job much, but I won't be leaving until I'm done having kids.

  • I chose other.  It's unpaid 12 weeks, though I have saved up leave so mine will actually be paid.

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  • I get unpaid for 12 weeks.

    We did start paying into disability back in May so I will get 75% of my pay, but it cost me $60 a month to get that disability insurance!

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  • Unpaid up to 4 months.

    However I might end up a SAHM prior to birth depending on a probable promotion for MH combined with a fabulous bonus paying off large debts (car and some CC).

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  • We have to use our sick days as our maternity leave.  So however much sick time you have is how much paid leave you get.  I've been here a while and have lots of days saved up (they roll over) so I have enough days to take 5 months off paid, if I wanted to use all my sick days.  But with a LO coming I don't think it would be wise to leave myself with no sick days!!!  For those that don't have enough sick time, you can take up to half the school year off unpaid.
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  • First week will be sick time, then STD kicks in for the next 5-7 weeks (depending on vag/c-section delivery) then I have to use vacation time for the rest.
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  • 12 weeks unpaid, I have to use pto. So we're saving a crap ton to help with those weeks.
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  • Our company is being purchased, so I'm not sure what our new leave policy will be.  It used to be 8 weeks paid. I planned to take 12 total, with 4 being unpaid. The new company may only give 6 weeks paid, in which case I'll have 6 weeks unpaid.
  • I have the 12 weeks unpaid, however have taken out short term disabilies so I have that paid for the 6 weeks at 60% of my income, plus I have medical reserve, medical, and vacation time saved too.

    I am hoping to be home for 9 weeks, however if my husband isn't working (he works construction), then I will probably be back sooner.

  • I dont get paid time at all. Im gonna try to bank as much PTO time as possible to get paid as much as I can during my 12 weks FMLA
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  • Paid 12 weeks and an additional two month's pay if I come back to work after having the baby.
  • I am a teacher and I can use up to 40 of my paid sick days.  Since my due date is May 13th, I will proably only need to use 20 or so sick days and then I will have the summer off. 
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  • Same here.  I plan to have about 10 weeks paid, but 12 weeks home.  I don't want to use ALL my PTO so I can still take time off if one of my babies gets sick (or I do) before I can accrue enough PTO again.

     I get a little over 11 hours PTO per 2 week pay cycle and about 1 week disability leave per year.  My PTO accrues without being lost, so I try not to use it all up each year in preparation for maternity leave.

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