Rec. a Song, pls!

For X-Mas this year, I am doing a video CD for both sets of grandparents.I am basically having pics of the girls from newborns to their 1st year. They live so far away so I thought this would be a good gift for them .

My sister gave me the idea since she had a CD made of pics of both me and DH as babies that she played at my baby shower. It was so sentimental! She had David (American Idol winner a few years back) song version of "You'll Always Be My Baby" play as the pics screened. My theme was cupcakes so she ended with "Life is about to get a little sweeter..." w/ a pic of my twin bump.

Anyway, can you please help me think of songs that would fit for showing my babies' 1st year??

Thanks so much!!


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Re: Rec. a Song, pls!

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    I did a video of DD's first year and used the Hawaiian version of "Somewhere Over the Rainbow/What a Wonderful World" for the picture part.  It is by Israel Kamakawiwo?ole and still makes me tear up every time.  
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    I made a dvd for DS's 1st year and used a bunch of songs; "Somewhere over the rainbow" (same artist pp used), "Let them be little", "You have stolen my Heart" and "The Luckiest"
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    I haven't even heard you cry by Aaron Lines
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    No song rec., but thinking about how quickly one year goes by and that DS is already over one, makes me tear up (esp. hearing these song titles!)
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    I had never heard this song before I checked out my photographer's website and it's SUCH a GREAT song! I copied the link below, it's called 16 you & me by Frances England. It still makes me tear up every time I hear it. She has a bunch of good songs on her website.

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