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NBR: american doll vs. our generation

Does anyone have any advice for me.  DD ias asking for one for x-mas and if the AG doll is woth the money I will get it, however if the OG doll is just as good I would be nice to save the money.  The only thing I heard about tyhe OG dolls online is tyhat their hair does not hold up... does anyone have an opinion about either or both?


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Re: NBR: american doll vs. our generation

  • OG is the Target Doll right?  My girls each have one and they really love that doll but the hair is hideous!  It is a total wreck, like one gigantic dreadlock.  They play with them all the time and I don't know if they are just rough or the hair is cheap.  Anyhow, I agree that the hair does not hold up.
  • We have 2 AG dolls, Kit and a bitty baby.  We have only had them since June so I don't know anything long term but I don't see what is soooooo special about them.  Grandma bought them; she spent about $300 on dolls plus accessories.  We don't live close enough to an AG store to go often.   I do believe they are guaranteed for life though....

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  • I don't know anything about the our generation doll...but I had 2 AG dolls as a kid and both are still in excellent shape.  (I'm 29 if that tells you how old they are)  Granted I was a little bit older when I got them, maybe 8 or 9 so they didn't get thrashed about too much, I took pretty good care of them.
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  • I love the whole AG concept, but, honestly -- if your child is just looking for a doll to dress and play pretend with, why would you spend hundreds of dollars for an American Girl doll?

    Unless the child is really into the whole historical story behind the doll, or is into collecting them, that a plain old baby doll or girl doll is probably fine.

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  • I don't belong on this board, but I lurk for next year.  Anyway, we got DD#1 an Our Generation doll for her birthday this year.  Like some of the pp said, the hair is disgusting.  DD#1 love love loves that doll, but is asking Santa for a "real one" that she can brush her hair and all that.  Here's a pic of the doll on the first day of school this year.  It was less than 4 months after DD had gotten her.  Notice the hair.


    That said, DD#1 still loves this doll and wants to just get her a friend who has better/nicer hair from Santa.  We will be getting her an AG doll this year.  DD#2 is asking for one too and I'm not sure if we'll get her one or a Bitty Baby from AG or something else.  I probably won't get DD#2 an Our Generation doll.  The hair just bothers me.  If possible, I'll "lose" this one if/when DD#1 gets attached to her AG doll.

  • My DD has my american girl doll from when I was a kid. It's probably 16 years old and still in great shape. Also, you can send them back to AG to be repaired if needed. I think they're worth the money. I think they're the same size as the target ones, so you could always get the better quality doll and the accessories from target. 
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  • I don't belong on this board but.... My sister got her 1st AG at age 8. She took good care of it.... but my little sis and I loved to steal them and play, and we weren't so careful.

    My sis has a two year old and the oldest doll is 19 years old. Her 2 yr old loves to brush and braid the dolls' hair (we have 6 dolls total I believe). One doll's hair is a bit frizzy (she had a shampoo and blow dry before big sis caught us) but it is still brushable and braidable.

    We also have Magic Attic dolls. I don't know if they are still sold, but theywere cheaper than AG dolls. They are taller/leaner than AG and hard bodied, not soft like AG. They  are about 8-10 years old and still in good shape.

  • Definitly get the AG , the hair is worth it. Little girls love doing their hair so hair that will stay nice is important. Make sure to get the hair care kit, if you mist the hair w/water and brush with their wig brush, the hair will stay nice for a very long time.
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