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Nooooo!! I thought I was safe!

Well I was doing so good with no m/s or nauseated feelings, but man did that change this weekend. The only thing that I have been able to keep down are oranges and ice cream. The thought of anything else makes me gag.

On a brighter note I cant wait till I finally go in to my first appointment on October 22. I still cant figure out why I have to wait soo long!


Re: Nooooo!! I thought I was safe!

  • Don't make me lose hope lol. I've had my fingers crossed that I'm a lucky one. Still holding onto that hope for now ;-)

    My Dr's appt is this Thur and I've been waiting for FOREVER. I can't imagine waiting until the 22nd! Good luck!

  • I made my appointment on September 14 and man it has dragged! Good luck on your first appointment on Thursday! Also good luck with no m/s, keep those fingers crossed!
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  • Good luck with the m/s- mine hit my hard and fast this weekend too.

    As for the dr. appt., be glad you don't have to have one earlier! I know it's fustrating, but a lot of us who are having early appts. have them b/c of IF issues or previous m/c :(

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  • My first appointment is Oct 26, so I will be right here waiting with you! :)
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  • My full on puking spells happened just after 8 weeks.  I am going on 10 and just puked at work.  I feel for you!
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