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anybody else out there RH negative? I know they say its nothing to worry about but naturally (its my first) and im slightly worried.
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Re: RH

  • I am. It really is nothing to worry about. Dh is positive, so I just have to get a shot at 28 weeks, then again at delivery. 

    ETA: This is my first too! 

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  • same here!
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  • I am - and it's also my first.  I had a spotting episode a week ago and went in to the docs.  They were majorly on the fence about whether or not I needed the rhogam shot because it was minimal spotting, but I'm out of town for the rest of October so they gave it to me as a precaution. I'll get it again at 28 weeks and after delivery.

    Just be sure to call in if there's any spotting/bleeding. Otherwise it's no big deal.



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  • I am.  I am not too worried about it.  I'll get the shot at 28 weeks.  Not too worried about it.

    His three plus my one; we are all excited to welcome a little one!

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  • I'm not but my mom is and she had 5 healthy pregnancies/children, all of us RH positive. That was in the 60s & 70s before they gave the shot (they used to give a blood transfusion at birth).

    It really is not a big deal now that they have the shot.

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