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Ear piercing

My daughter wants to get her ears pierced. She said her friends all suggested Claire's. I went to look at their process. Not impressed. It was just a chair pushed against the wall of the busy/crowded store. It didn't seem the most sanitary or relaxing environment. Am I too picky? Where did you take your daughter to get hers done? What do you think is the best place?

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Re: Ear piercing

  • I got mine done at a hair salon when I was 6 and again at 12. I got DD1's done at Walmart. It's a 5 min process.
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  • I got all three of my girls done at a kiosk in a local mall and had no problems. I know plenty of people that have gone to Claires with even their LO's and had no problems. Make sure you watch the person who does it. I do know that Claires is sanitary if that is your only concern.

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  • I agree with pp, Claire's is sanitary. I got my DD1's ears pierced there when she was an infant and they never got infected and she still wears earrings now.

    But....I just found another spot about 30 minutes from where we live called La Lobe. I'm not sure if it's just local or what, but they specialize in infant/children's ear piercing. They use a needle instead of a gun which is supposed to be better. That is where I will be taking DD2. Had I not found out about it, we would be at Claire's again for her.

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  • I had mine done when I was 7 in the mall.  I took my girls when they were 3 to Claires.  

    Everything is in pre packaged plastic boxes (if that makes since) so it is sterile.  When it is time to pierce the open it (with gloves on) and put it straight in the ear piercing gun.  The gun doesnt touch the ear at all only the piercing cartridge.  They clean and mark the ears before allow you a chance to ok them marks and then pierce.

    Helpful tips

    1.  For the love of God, your child, your sanity, the other customers PLEASE make sure there are 2 people there to do it at the same time.  *I was at Claires a few months ago and there was a little girl about 3 there getting hers done.  She had one done and would NOT allow them to do the other.  She was scared of the pain again.  I had picked stuff out for my kids and we were waiting to pay.  About 30 mins later we finally just left and came back.  It took me about 20mins to talk the kids into leaving without having 3 meltdowns so we could come back later once they were done.  There was only 1 lady working.  We went back 20mins later and the little girl was still there crying hysterically, mother yelling at her, trying to bribe her with everything in the store and almost in tears herself.  So, please...call and schedule a time where 2 people will be able to do it no matter where you take your child to get her ears pierced.  

    2.  If you want to take pictures make sure that place allows it before hand.  I never thought about this until we got there and I got my camera out.  The lady told me they dont allow pictures.  That was a deal breaker.  I was about to spend almost $100 to have my girls ears pierced so they could at least allow me to take pictures of this milestone.  Nope.  So dh called the district manager and had a nice (seriously) conversation with her.  An hour later we were back in the store, had them done, took pictures and all.  :)  Claires does a great job.  Both of my girls did really good, the sales girls were great and explained it all the them. (they were 3yrs old)  Oh, and if you want to take pics make sure you have an extra person to do so in case you are needed to hold your dd.  Luckily my dh was able to go but turns out neither of the girls wanted us to hold them.  They wanted to sit up on the chair like a big girl.  :)  

    I used to pierce ears at Walmart and they also do a great job.  We didnt go to Walmart because they wouldnt have 2 people at the time I needed. I checked 2 Walmarts near me and neither would work.  So we went to Claires and were very satisfied over all.  

    It really doesnt take alot of room to pierce ears.  All that is needed is a small counter to lay the gun and cartridges while prepping the ears.  Granted the Claires we went to was in a new store in the mall so it was much bigger than most.  


  • Check your pediatrician's office.  A lot of them do ear piercing.  My daughter was 6 when she got her ear's pierced.
  • I had my daughters done when she was about 5 months old, at Claires, with 2 people doing it at the same time.  Her howls echoed thru the mall but only lasted a short time!  Crying  We never had any trouble or infections and she is a pro at getting her earrings in now!
  • imagelittlemermaid:
    Check your pediatrician's office.  A lot of them do ear piercing.  My daughter was 6 when she got her ear's pierced.

    Our pediatrician also does it and that's where we will go when the time comes.


  • My DD just got hers done for her 10th b-day about a month ago.  We did it at Claire's.  I think pretty  much wherever you get it done will be a chair and a piercing gun!  Claire's is fine, and the ear-cleaning stuff they use is wonderful.  My DD has had no redness or bumps. 

    I felt that the woman who did hers was very professional, and I would also recommend Claire's. 

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  • The only holes that I've ever had stay in my ears without problems were done at my pediatrician's office.  Everywhere else I was pierced, my ears ended up infected.  :(


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  • My pedi doesn't promote ear piercing for some reason, probably because of the infections and so forth. I brought my DD to Claire's. I made sure that the teeny boppers weren't working, two women did it at the same time and she's had her ears pierced for over 7 years.
  • Thanks, everyone. Claire's sounds like the way to go. We should do it for her birthday in the end of November.
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