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F/U to my post below

I doubt it needs a link Smile

 We went to his therapist yesterday, and talked about the incident. DS was very reluctant to discuss it, he seemed to be ashamed. His therapist asked him if he was really going to jump out the window, and he said no. He said he didn't want to die, and he was just really upset. We worked with some feeling cards and he was able to express that he was feeling sad and afraid.  The therapist thinks it was a plea for attention. He doesn't think he will try it again, but to lock the windows and no more time outs in his room.

  I did talk to him about some issues I have with controlling my anger. I have yelled at DS when he really didn't deserve it, and I have used some not so nice words when disciplining him. He is setting me up with some counseling, and I am really glad about that. 


Effing crazy people.

Re: F/U to my post below

  • That sounds like a great outcome to the appointment!  Looks like you're headed in the right direction.  Good for you for taking action so swiftly.

    Keep us posted!

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  • I just want to hug you both!  GL!  I think it is great that you're finding someone to talk to. 
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  • You both deserve hugs.  You did awesome work for your son and yourself.  Congratulations.


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  • I just read your previous post and I felt so scared for you! I also have a 6yr old and can't imagine how/why she would have the brain capacity to want to do that!

    I am glad you and your son are getting help and I hope he never feels that way again :(


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  • Thank you all for your kind words of encouragment. I really appreciate them, and it means a lot. I will update, of course.Smile
    Effing crazy people.
  • How scary..I'm glad that he is seeing someone and he said he was just upset. 

    My 6 year old did something similar but not quite as shocking. While at school he said "I just want to kill myself" or something basically along those lines. I took him to a counselor and he admitted he was caught up in the moment/upset/frustrated over not being able to do something and blurted it out. I cried when his teacher told me he had said it.

    It's a really scary thing for a 6 year old to be thinking about I'm sure.

    T&P's for your little guy and your family as well!  

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