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Finally, a keepsake I can live with!

So far, I've kept nothing that DD has drawn or made. (I do take pictures before throwing away the originals, though.) But lately DD has been telling these really cute and rather involved stories. So I bought a composition book at Target (the top half of the page is blank for drawings, but DD draws everywhere on them). She'll draw a picture and tell me a story about it, then I'll write down the date and the story on the page. I've only done a few pages so far and already I'm loving it. I think I've finally found a keeper!

My only wish is that the paper were slightly thicker so that the markers don't bleed through, but for a few bucks, this one is fine.

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Re: Finally, a keepsake I can live with!

  • So cute!
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  • Thats a really good idea.
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  • What a great idea!
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  • Great idea!  Great for early literacy too!
  • Could you do the same kind of thing with a scrapbook and some cardstock paper? Sounds cute!
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