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Children's Museum!

For those that got the Family pass for $60 a week or so ago....I picked up my pass for the Children's Museum today, and the clerk told me for $25 we could upgrade to the family +2!  So for $85 total we got the family plus 2.  Thought I would let everyone else know, just in case they don't mention it!

Re: Children's Museum!

  • She never said that to me! Darn! Maybe I can ask them and they can go ahead and honor it.
  • Sweet!  I was hoping they would let me do that!

    Josie 7.22.10
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  • Ooh, good to know.  I may actually do that.  It would be a good thing to do with the grandparents when they're in town.
  • Oh awesome!  I was hoping they'd do that too.  Thanks for the tip!
  • Oooohhh!  Good to know!  Thanks!
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  • Humm, maybe I can get that deal too, we haven't been to redeem it yet.
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