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CD sale post :)

I'm trying to clear out my newborn stash. It's taking up so much room! I really only used these for about 6 weeks, since my little chunk grew so fast and was so big to start with. I bought them off a friend who hardly used them if at all so they were virtually new when I got them, too.


Most of what I have right now are hybrids, which are great and compact for diaper bags and actually do a really great job of holding in EBF poo.


I have:

gDiapers: I have 7 small little gpants, 3 orange and 4 vanilla, all with snap-in inserts included. All are VGUC. G is missing off the back, but aplix is clean and very sticky. $8/each or $50 for all 7

gCloth: 6 gcloth, size small/medium. No stains, EUC. $15

I also have an unopened package of the disposable gdiaper inserts. Buy all the gdiapers and I'll throw it in for free.

Smart Nappy hybrid system, by Mothercare from the UK. EUC. Size small, fits to around 12 pounds or so. This is a PUL shell and insert system, with a fantastic gusset to hold the insert. Shells are very nice, I liked them a lot. The inserts are trifolding, with a quilted center and microfiber on the sides. They're the same size as a GMD orange-edge prefold, so you can use other inserts in the shells as well and it would make an excellent diaper-bag diaper. Super easy to load, too. This was the hybrid I reached for first. I haven't tried them this way yet, but I've also been told the inserts are great for pockets. I have 4 shells and 12 inserts.  Asking $50 for the lot.

1 small organic Little Beetles fitted. VGUC. The laundry tabs aren't great on this diaper but it's still very sticky. $8

1 small pocket Thirsties AIO, light blue. VGUC. No insert. Aplix on one tab is separating slightly, but would probably be a 30-second fix; I don't have a sewing machine or I'd do it myself. Still very sticky, one of my favorite newborn diapers. $8

1 small Bummis Whisper Wrap cover, frog print. EUC. $7

1 organic Imse Vimse cover, size small. Animal print, very very cute. EUC, I LOVED this cover. $9

1 Swaddlebees fleece cover newborn or small?, EUC/never used. $8

1 Thirsties cover, size small. Dark blue. EUC $7

1 newborn Prorap cover, EUC/never used (I never used it, so I think it's washed only) $5

1 Small Prorap cover, EUC $5

Take all covers for $40


Or I'll sell everything for $150.

Pictures are here:  https://picasaweb.google.com/sckatz/Diapers?authkey=Gv1sRgCJzq2cjg05GT8AE#




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