I don't know how you MoMs or MoMs to be with other kids do it. We were at a friends house all last weekend for a baby shower for another friend who's having twins too. They have 11 month old twin girls. The friend whose shower it was has a 3 year old. I was exhausted after two days. Then a friend called because her husband had a family emergency and had to leave town and she had a meeting in washington DC all week. I said I could help since I'm not working but wow taking care of a 7 year old and a 9 year old is killing me! I can't keep up with their schedules and right now I'm praying that school never ends today!!

So I bow down to all of you with other kiddos!! You are amazing! 

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Re: Seriously...

  • It's probably much more difficult to watch kids who aren't yours.  You're not in sync with them and not used to their schedules and personalities.   Our life is crazy, but you get to a point that you're not exhausted anymore... it's just your new normal : )

    Kudos to you for helping your friend out!!

    ~Crystal~ SAHM to Sam (5), Hugh (3), Mary & Grace (22 months) : )
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