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Another confession

I want another baby. I realllly want another baby.

I know I was kind of on the fence about it a few weeks ago, but I now feel like I really want to give my little boy a sibling. 

Time to step up the weaning business so I can get AF back. 

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  • Five stars. And I never star posts.


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  • Yes
  • Me too, I want another one. I've been looking at pregnant women lately (and for some reason there are tons of them in San Antonio) and feeling jealous. So I guess that means it's time to think about TTC. I told DH we could start after the holidays so I can drink a little at parties. Last year I couldn't drink b/c I was breastfeeding and the year before that I was pregnant. Not that I drink that much but it will be nice to have champagne for New Year's.
    Me: 44 DH: 42. DS born healthy at 40 weeks 8/24/09. TTC since then with no luck or ART. Surprise BFP 8/6/14... MMC @ 8 weeks 4 days... Miss you everyday sweet baby angel.
  • I'm with you all ladies!!!  Here's to BFP dust to all of us!
  • Congrats for making that big decision!
  • image Married2003:
    I'm with you all ladies!!!  Here's to BFP dust to all of us!

    Whoa!  Count me out of it!  I am one and done! 

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  • I'm with mtnrider... count me out! While part of me would love a daughter, most of me doesn't ever want to go through regular sleepless nights again (I say regular since I know I'll still have some with Aaron) and I want to be able to retire one day.

    But I'm happy for you, Heather. Wean Mikey and snuggle up to your DH!


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  • Yay, for you guys! Having another is the best decision I have ever made. I love having kids (plural) and think it's awesome how they are starting to interact. If I was younger I would probably have another and I only ever thought I would want one. I can't wait for the holidays this year. The last year and a half has just flown by. Sending baby dust to all who want it :)

  • I'm right there with ya!
    Sometimes you just need a nap
  • Aw, great post!!  I'm glad for you.  Two is very very awesome!


  • You are such a great mom.
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  • I am absolutely thrilled for you and can't wait for you to have another!
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