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Weirdest cycle ever...advice?

Hi ladies!

I am a 4 time mom with 8 pregnancies under me.  I have been around the block a few times, so asking this is comical almost.

My cycles have been getting weird (just turned 34 and will TTC in 3 months). About 1 year ago I started spotting on day 10 each month. just a couple of drops.

This month AF was really short--2 days shorter, with no heavy day (I usually have 2 heavy days).  Then on day 8 I started bloating and cramping like I do with AF!  Grrr!  day 9 I spotted.  Today on day 12 I am spotting so much my DH won't come near me (at least not for BD).  It started as globby brown and is now red!!!  I am crampy. bloated and my bbs hurt.

I also had my first run with opks which has left me confused.  I did the first one on day 10, thinking it would be - but instead it was in between--not the bright + but not - either.  I did another yesterday morning, a bit darker but still not the surge according to pkg.  (FROPK)  Then I decided to do another at 6 pm to see if the surge was starting and it was absolutely -!  Did my body stop the surge since I am suddenly sick?  Is half dark as dark as my surge is gonna get? 

I read they can be used as pregnancy tests and will pick up hcg--it freaked me out.  i am not ready to TTC right now, my DH would divorce me!  I don't see how its possible, I have been super careful about BC. 

Anyway, I am confused about whats going on in my body.  Do you think my estrogen is way off or something?

Thanks for reading, I appreciate any insight anyone has.  I just started charting this month because I am trying for a girl and am going to do a gender sway, so i need to do isolate ovulation to almost the hour lol!

Re: Weirdest cycle ever...advice?

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    Hi and welcome!  I have 3 kids and while ttc #3, my cycles started changing.  I waited 'til we had been ttc a year, then mentioned to my gyn that my cycles were getting shorter and lighter.  After a blood test, we discovered that I had a thyroid condition that was likely affecting my fertility then. 

    I'm not saying that's what you have, but it couldn't hurt to make an appt with your doc.  Tell him/her you're planning on ttc in a few months and want to make sure everything's OK physically to get started, because you've noticed some changes in your cycle.  Hormones are funny... There's so many of them, and even if just one is off by a little bit, it can throw your body for a loop.

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