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DH vent

Monday is my birthday and I had mentioned to DH about 2 weeks ago that I may want a little party the weekend before.  Nothing big just a few friends and to grill a few burger.  Usually when there is a cookout at my house I do all the work but I didn't want to have to plan my own party. 

Fast forward to this week, I asked him so what are the plans.  He told me he talked to a good friend of mine at work Monday and that he was going to see who was interested.  No one can come b/c it is short notice.  He didn't think of any of my other friends so no GTG.  I'm kinda bummed b/c my DH SUCKS when it comes to being thoughtful and planning.  He is a great gift giver but spends too much money on gifts b/c he thinks lots of money=good gifts. I would much rather have a sentimental gift than a $300 dollar one. 

I think we are going to grab dinner on Monday and he'll get me something but it is not what I really wanted.  Oh well. I'm done whining. 

Re: DH vent

  • Boo!  I'm sorry!  It sucks when you want them to do something for you & they just don't get it.

    I'll tell you though... about 5 or 6 years ago I left it to DH to plan for my birthday and it was a disaster.  I was so upset and disappointed and it really sucked.  Since then, I've taken my birthday into my own hands.  If I want to have a party, I plan it.  If I want dinner out, I plan that.  There's a part of me that wishes I didn't have to plan my own party/dinner/whatever, but honestly, it's worth it to me to know that I'm going to enjoy myself and have the birthday I want. 

  • So sorry to hear he didn't get the weekend planned that you were looking for. My DH is the same way.  He's never been good at getting things organized like that, even when I explicitly ask for it.  Like ECU, sometimes it seems better to just do it myself. 
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  • That stinks!  Unfortunately sometimes - it's just easier to plan something yourself.  Hopefully you can still see a few of your friends this weekend for an impromptu get together - maybe for lunch or some coffee at least! 

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  • That stinks, I am sorry! I have the same type of situation with mine (he didn't even remember it was my birthday until 1/2 way through the day this year).

    I pretty much either have to tell him exactly what to do and buy or forget about it. He keeps a running list on the laptop of gift ideas and I go in and update it. 

    I hope he comes through and maybe surprises you! 




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  • I am sorry!  I hope he makes it up to you in a acceptable way, not just with an expensive gift.

     Although wouldn't a new lens be great if he wants to spend big bucks??  I mean if he can't make it up any other way Wink

    My sweet boy :)
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  • Thanks girls for letting me vent.  And angelpack I like how you think LOL.
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