Pregnant after IF

First ultrasound....


The look on DH's face...PRICELESS.

TTC #1 since 4/2007... MFI (low motility/low Testosterone) & PCOS IVF #1 August 2010...BFP 1st sono shows TWINS!!!! Due May 23rd 2011 Ruptured @ 21 weeks (Jan 13) Delivered 26 weekers (Blake and Addison) on Valentine's Day... Keeping faith and praying, God has a plan and we just have to learn to follow. Our Blog ... Lilypie Premature Baby tickers

Re: First ultrasound....

  • Congrats! Welcome to the twin club!
    Our IVF Miracles! Lilypie Premature Baby tickers
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  • Congrats! Doesn't get any better than that! That's 2 in 2 days that have found twins isn't it???
  • Ahhhh!!!! Congratulations!!!!
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  • Congratulations times 2!
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  • Congrats!!! So jealous you got in already. I have to wait till Monday.
    PAIF and SAIF Always Welcome!
    TTC since 2007
    6 IUIs, 3 IVFs, and 2 m/c :< PCOS, Blood Clotting Disorder & MFI
    IVF #2 Aug 2011 is a BFN:<
    IVF #3 March 2012 is a BFN
    Not sure what to do now. Sad and lost.
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  • Aww how exciting!!!
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  • congrats!! :) x2!
    1 chemical and 1 loss at 9 weeks prior to DS
    IVF #1 1/10-transfered 2 blasts- DS born 10/2010

    Trying for # 2 since 2012.  2 failed FETS 1 failed IUI.
    IUI#2 4/14/14-- BFP !!!!! Beta #1 14dpiui= 45 Beta #2 16dpiui= 80  Beta #3 18dpiui= 88 (chemical pregnancy)
    March 2015- Chemical pg

    1/25/16- BFP  Beta1 12dpo = 17, Beta 2 14 dpo = 28.. resulted in one beautiful boy born 9/21/16 :)

    Now I'm a stay at home loving life and pursuing my love of photography!!!
  • Wonderful news congrats!!!

    Married in 2/2006, TTC since 3/09 with Endo stage 4(DX 1999) and PCO (DX 2010), DEC, LAP and 2 rounds of Depo Lupron

    • 2/10: IUI #1: Clomid 100mg= BFN
    • 3/10- 5/10: IUI #2 Clomid 150mg; IUI #2.2: gonalf, lupron; IUI #2.3: 2 rounds of 5mg Femara=All cancelled for nonresponse
    • 6/10 -IUI#2.4: gonalf, ganirelix, estrace, ovidrel, endometrium- early M/C
    • 8/10- IUI #3: gonalf, ganirelix, ovidrel, estrace, endometrium, lovenox, hcg boosters= BFP;  Beta#1=179, Beta#2= 360, Beta#3=1775; 1 perfect little HB!

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    Surprise BFP 2/13!B- M/C 7w 4D, D+C 3/13

    Surprise BFP 6/13! - Blighted Ovum found at 7w, D+C 6/28

    Surprise BFP 8/13!- Hopefully third time is the charm!

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  • Congrats!
    IVF, acupuncture, meditation and a miracle. 


     Our sweet Valentine's Day FET.


  • Congrats!!
    Dx with PCOS and IR June 2009
    After two losses, third time was a charm.
    pm me for blog link
  • Congratulations :)
    Unexplained Infertility

    After two Clomid cycles, three injectable IUI cycles, two IVFs, two miscarriages, and one lap surgery, IVF #2 has brought us our little boy!

    Baby Birthday Ticker Ticker

    TTC #2
    After months of being postponed or cancelled, FET #1.3 (Natural FET) brought us twin girls!

    Baby Birthday Ticker Ticker

    Surprise! Baby #4 is due in March!
  • Congrats!!!! I won't ever forget that moment! Welcome!
  • Congrats - so many twins here!
  • Congrats!!!
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  • WOW - Congratulations!!!!

    we have a mini multiples board going on here,  H&H 9 months to you. 

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  • Yay! There are SO many twin moms on this board!
  • Congrats!! x's 2!
    IVF Twins...two boys! Pregnancy Ticker
  • Congrats!  How awesome!
  • Congrats x2!  That is so exciting.  Alot of twin moms to be around here.


    My IVF twins born at 33w6days by c-section due to twin A being IUGR Rylan born at 2:54pm weighing 2lb 8oz, 14.5 inches Emma born at 2:55pm weighing 5lb 5oz, 18 inches Baby Birthday Ticker Ticker
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