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OMG... too funny that you mentioned Great big Sea...  I am literally an hour away from walking out the door to see them out here at Waterfront Park for a free concert!!!  :D

Re: *BrideBuddies*

  • Did I know you are in Louisville??? I used to live there... worked at WLKY for a couple of years back in the 90s.. before Waterfront Park even existed!

    So jealous that you're going tonight!   We've seen GBS a bunch of times, but so far, they're not coming to Colorado anytime soon.

    Have fun and tell me all about it tomorrow!!

    Growing up way too fast!
  • :) the show was awesome!!!  I loved it!  (especially when they played Paddy Murphy)  Was a nice "mommy's night out" :D  Too bad my ex had to show his face, though I sort of expected it. lol.
  • So so jealous!!!!  Not of the ex part, but, you know!  :)

    I'm sure it was a great show!  Always is...

    Growing up way too fast!
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