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3yo getting chubby?

Hello ladies! Smile

My 3.5 year old has been getting chubby lately. Nothing chart topping in regards to weight (he's 37 pounds and 41 inches tall) but he looks like he's getting pudgy.

Nothin in his diet or physical activity has changed...have any of you noticed this before a growth spurt? I was going to go buy him his winter clothes, but then I realized that he might not fit into them in a few months. I know that babies tend to "grow out" and then "grow up"...do kids do the same thing?


ETA: I'm not worried about him being obese. I'm wondering if I should expect a growth spurt soon?

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Re: 3yo getting chubby?

  • I'd say growth spurt. I always notice my DD's face getting fuller before she has a big spurt.
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  • Yup!  Since DD's was a baby, that has been her MO ... out than up!  She also eats like crazy for a week before she shoots up.
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  • It happens with my dd periodically.  She's very slender normally, but about once a year she'll start to fill out and then she'll sprout up and return to her slender size.
  • DD1 always gets a little chubbier, especially around her face/chin area before she has a big growth spurt.  It's a nice sign because then I know not to buy new clothes for awhile!
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  • Awesome! Thanks, ladies!  Smile
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