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Uterine Fibroids

Since the RE was not very informative.....big suprise. Ladies what are your experiences with RE says we will be scheduling surgery.....what type of surgeries are there? How long is recovery? and how long for the TTC to start again? I know everyone is different and procedures are different. 

I'm so frustrated with this roadblock....yet again.

TTC since 2009 very frustrated 42yr and DH 40

5 cycles of Clomid with satisfactory response=BFN's
Fibroid removal Nov2010
IUI Clomid #1 Feb 2011...BFN..damn it!
IUI Inject's #2 Apr 2011...CANCELLED...low estradiol
IUI Inject's #3 June 2011...BFN
IUI Inject's #4 Sept2011...BFFN
Lap Dec 2011...severe endo..cyst removed..some remains...
IVF#1 Apr 2012 ....cancelled due to over suppression
IVF#2 July 2012....6 follies...only 1 retrieved....BFFN
surgery suggested to move ovary to an better placement but....we moved two time zones away and are financially and emotionally empty

Re: Uterine Fibroids

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    Hi ya, as you can see im in the same boat (siggy, you can google them, alot of info there) thats the op im having along with others......i must ring in a week or so and ask those very same ?s, very interested in when to start TTC again, i think she told us at the time but its a blurr because i was a bit thrown back hearing about the Fibroid and Polyp AND Retroverted Uterus.....they are all pretty common, i cant wait for the op though BRING IT ON Big Smile Im sorry your also going through it but what can we do Sad wishing you the best ((hugs))
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    Hi.  I had something similiar.  An endometrioma (cyst caused by endometriosis)  It was removed via outpatient laporoscopic surgery.  Camera through the naval and a 1/4 inch teeny slice for the other tools just about at each hip bone.  I started treatment for my current IUI immediately after AF got here after the surgery.  The surgery did sort of count as an AF and so it took a good 28 days post surgery for the witch to get going.  The doctor said to take off 3 days of work which I definitely needed after the surgery.  Some claim to feel totally normal after 1 week which is ridiculous. Totally normal is more like 6 weeks.  But even at 1 week I was working around my house on painting walls etc.  With some regrets the next day.  I was told I also have a fibroid on the outside of my ute but the dr felt it was ok to leave it.   So I'm about to find out if all of this stuff worked when I POAS this weekend.  I'll keep you posted.  But I definitely feel good about getting it done.  Like I said in another post, it seems like a barrier but in reality it is one step closer to getting things figured out for you.  Good luck.



    About me: A pixie in the city, 41, TTC #1 since May 2010, married 18 years. Diagnosed with, surgically removed, endometrioma Aug.2010 Sept 2010 IUI #1=BFN, Oct=cyst/bfn, Nov 2010 IUI #2 = bfn. Had to postpone IUI #3 b/c of a cyst natural=BFN. Skipped IUI #3, decided to go for IVF. Found/removed uterine polyps Jan 2011. IVF cancelled, no follicles. IVF #2: 3 great embies put in on Easter Sunday = BFN. Hoping for another chance at IVF in July. TTC is NOT for wimps.
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    I had 1 large fibroid on my right side that was over half of my uterus.  I had 2 others that were smaller.  I also had a uterine septum so I was having surgery anyway.  I ended up having to have a myomectomy because my RE couldn't get them out by the hysteroscopy/laparoscopy route. 

    The recovery from the Myomectomy was not easy.  I have about a 5-6in c-section scar, had to stay in the hospital for 3 days, 2 nights, and was out of work for 2 weeks.  I could hardly do anything for myself for at least 4-5 days and couldn't get out of reclining position by myself for over a week. 

    Had to wait 3 cycles to TTC again.  I will have to have a c-section with any future pregnancies.



    1st pregnancy: BFP- 6/28/09 - Found out we lost our little girl on 10/9/09 at 19w 4d - D&E- 10/14/09

    June 2010, corrective surgery for Septate Uterus and large fibroids

    2nd pregnancy: BFP- 10/18/10 - Slow rising, non-doubling HCGs, no heart beat. Non-viable pregnancy, D&C- 11/12/10

    Started Metformin 6/30/11, Started Clomid 7/20/11 - Unsuccessful

    HSG and Laparoscopic surgery revealed blocked tubes and lots of scar tissue...IVF here we come!!!

    Surprise BFP naturally!!! IT'S A BOY!!!

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