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1st field trip - feeling guilty

My older DD has her 1st field trip today with her PreK class, going to the apple orchard.  My DH and I both work full time and neither of us could take the day off to go.  Well DH has a bad knee and walking around the orchard with a bunch of 4 and 5 year olds is not something he could do and I have a meeting today that I can't get out of.  My DD is so excited, she gets to ride a school bus for the 1st time.  I know she will be fine and have a great time and I'm not worried about her but last night at dinner she got really sad and told us she wished we could go with her.  There are 20 kids in her class with 3 teachers and 4 or 5 parent chaperons plus all parents were told they could meet the class at the orchard if they wanted.  Almost all of the parents are working parents (most houses have 2 working parents) so I know other kids will not have a parent there but I still feel bad.  We told her teacher that she was upset about this and she told me she would make sure that she or one of the teachers was with her vs having her with one of the other parents (she has a speech delay and can be hard to understand and to make it worse, when she is incomfortable, she talks really quiet and is hard to hear).  I explained to my DD that the parents will take turns chaperoning the field trips (they will have 1 a month) and that I will try super hard to go to the next one and she seemed fine.  My DH dropped her off at school this morning and I'm assuming she was fine. I can't wait to pick her up today and see how she did.
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Re: 1st field trip - feeling guilty

  • Aww, I'm sorry.  My DD just had the same field trip, but every child had to have a parent with them.  My baby takes a nap at 10am so I couldn't go.  I was fortunate DH could take the morning off, but the field trip was 9-12 plus another 45 minutes for him to bring her back home and get to work. I can't imagine that all parents could take off a morning and show up at 1.  Plus, we didn't have a bus going to the trip - parents took the kids to the orchard.

    It sounds like your teachers are going to be there for her though, so that's good.

  • Thanks - My DD is in a full day, 5 day a week program and this will be her class (20 kids) plus 40 other kids from the 2 other PreK programs in the district.  The kids, teachers and chaperones will take the bus leaving school at 10:45 and parents have the option to meet at the orchard and then they will get back to school at 1, just in time for nap.  I know a lot of the parents work and won't be there (or at least am hoping so!!!).  My DH emailed me when he got to work and said my DD was great at drop-off.  Was thrilled to put on her school shirt that they wear for field trips (it was huge on her, like a dress!) and found out her buddy for the day is a little boy, Jude.  He is older, was held back a year and will be 6 in Jan.  My DD and this little boy are the 1st 2 there in the morning so they play together every mornng for at least 30 mins before the other kids get there.  He really looks after her - at a party this weekend, he kept coming up to her to make sure she was OK.  He is such a sweet boy and his mom works for the district, in the HS and they live just a few blocks from us.

    Anyway, I feel a little better knowing how happy she was this morning and I did email her teacher asking her to email me this afternoon if she has time to let me know how she did.  My only concern is if a lot of parent show up and she starts to miss us. 

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  • Allie's first trip is tomorrow and neither of us are going.  Last night she cried when we told her we couldn't go.  I understand where you are.

    At least she has an awesome teacher to help her.  I hope she has a fun day.  

  • DD's teacher emailed me - she did great and had a huge smile on her face the whole time.  Only issue was her staying in her seat on the bus - she kept standing up.  I'm guessing so she could see!!!
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