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1st Birthday Locations

Anyone have any suggestions on where to have a 1st birthday party in the Camp Hill / Mechanicsburg Area?  Even Harrisburg would be ok.

I called Jo Jo's in Mechanicsburg but I'm looking for some more options.  It wont be a big party, probably around 30 people, but I need someplace with room for the toddlers to run around.


Re: 1st Birthday Locations

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    LOL... I was just coming on here to post the same exact topic only in Lancaster.  Guess i still will since Camp Hill would be a bit far for us ... but how funny?!
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    Not sure how many kids you will have vs. adults, but maybe the State Museum? We went to a 1st birthday party there and really enjoyed it. You would have to bring the food though.

    Curiosity Connection was great for the kids and the adults can check out the rest of the museum if they want to. I think they have a room you can use for parties, but we just all gathered in the "snack bar" area.  

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    Your new basement? Just kidding, you don't want to mess that up.

    All my real suggestions are already listed. 

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    LOL, Rachel that is actually what we decided on doing :)
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    Lake Tobias is really nice.  Once the party is over the families can breakoff and look at the zoo animals.  I've been there twice already this year, it never gets old.  :o)
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