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NAR - Please keep them in your thoughts - school shooting

There was a shooting today at University of Texas in Austin, and I have a lot of friends who go there. Preliminary reports say no one was injured other than the shooter, who killed himself after open firing in the library at 8:15am.

Please keep these young adults in your thoughts as they attempt to locate the suspected second shooter.

News story is on MSNBC and I'm sure CNN as well. 

This is striking too close to home because I have a lot of close friends at that school, and even more at the surrounding schools... Please keep the students and their worried parents in your thoughts today. 

Re: NAR - Please keep them in your thoughts - school shooting

  • Yikes! I'll have to turn the news on at naptime!
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  • Being in Texas, I've read it all on my FB! My ILs live just north of Austin and that's my school of choice! I've been trying to keep up to date with it, but had to go into a meeting. I just missed the news here (FW) so now I'll have to wait until 5 to see the actual news.
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  • darquesam - here's what our local news has posted
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    darquesam - here's what our local news has posted


    Thank you.

    I've been worried for quite some time about a couple of friends of mine that go there, and I caught word from one of my best friends there almost immediately that she and her husband had fled the campus back to the safety of their home. 

    If any of you like to read, I really recommend Jodi Picoult. The reason I mention her is because she wrote a book called 19 minutes about a school shooting, and it really gives you a look into the terror of it. It's part of the reason my texts and messages to my UT friends went out so fast.

    It's such a serious problem, and I'm get paranoid going to school myself... and I'm not sure how I'm going to feel when Georgie is in school and such things are possibilities. My school isn't known for being a happy place, and I feel guilty about this but sometimes I notice myself starting to get nervous when the halls are full of people and someone reaches into their backpack or jacket. It's dumb... but it's the second mass shooting that has been too close for comfort (the other being Fort Hood where a friend of the family was at the time of the shooting). I'm not sure I could handle having a friend/professor/or even a stranger be gunned down in front of me.

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