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How do you get through the work day?

Happy Tuesday everyone!  For those of you that work full-time, I'm just wondering how you get through the 8-hour+ work day.  I have been struggling the past 2 weeks.  Feeling nauseaus and tired all the time makes me so unmotivated and then I feel unproductive, which in turn makes me even more moody!  I sit here and nibble on crackers, sometimes I have to shut my office door and lay my head down for a few minutes.  The nausea is the worst though and it's getting harder and harder to keep this secret from my boss and co-workers.  Yesterday I sat here for the last hour waiting for 5:00.  Then I cried on my commute home because I felt so horrible!  I just couldn't wait to get home and lay down.

It's hard because usually I am so energetic and a "go-getter."   Is anyone else experiencing this?  I am up for any advice to get me through the next few weeks until I (hopefully) start feeeling a little more normal.

Re: How do you get through the work day?

  • I feel ya!  I dread Sunday nights because I know I have a full work week ahead of me that I gotta get through.

    I feel the worst in the morning (like right now) up through lunch time.  Once I get past eating something for lunch (which is a challenge itself) I tend to come back to life.  I'm usually energetic and productive at work too but I can't even stay focused to get through emails.  My only saving grace is that my team consists of mostly men so they are clueless.  I've been hiding out from the other women because if they take one look at me they will know!

    My only advice is to keep eating crackers, ginger ale, take as many breaks as you need, and countdown the days to your 2nd tri.  One other thing I've been trying is ginger gum.  You can get it at Rite Aid I think.  It is helped me when I have to go to meetings and can't munch on something.  And it settles my stomach a bit. 

    Hopefully then you can come back to life soon.  GL!

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  • Let's see.. I have already taken a nap this morning, I know I am not getting the same amount of work done right now, and using sick time. Yesterday I tried my best to work the 8 hours however only made it 6.5!
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  • I feel like I am becoming a M/s scholar out of necessity.  I have tried EVERTHING and I mean EVERYTHING!  Here are the two things that have helped me. 


    Hard candy, sucking on it helps a little

    ice water- I have found that the more dehydrated I get the worse it gets.  Now mind you it never is GREAT but there is more and less managable and I keep ice water with me CONSTANTLY now. 

     I'm sorry you are going through this but know there are many of us out there along with you.  I was feeling so isolated like everyone around me was saying oh it's nto that bad, oh eat small meals and for me it is bad it is all day every day so in some tiny way it helps me to see that I am not alone.

  • i just barely make it through.  since i found out i was pg - i have probably taken about....5 days off?  in the last month?  i worked form home those days, but i really can't do that anymore.  i have finally gotten the m/s under the sense that i can live with it a bit better than before.

    i am totally with you on how hard it is.  my worst moments are from the hours of 10am-4pm.  sometimes i get relief in the evening, other times (like last night), i just continue to feel like sh!t.  just the thought of eating makes me want to cryyy!

    i keep a calendar at my desk and i just cross off the days one at a time.  it's easier to think of things in days rather than weeks (since who knows when any of us will feel better).

    i seriously hate being pregnant - i never thought it was this hard.  i envy all of the women who seem to push through without complaint.  i complain all.the.time!


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  • I'm right there with you ladies. I remember last time it was the same thing. There were 3-4 weeks there when I was just useless at work - or so I thought. As it turns out - no one else noticed that I was being "unproductive."

    I guess what I'm saying is that we are hardest on ourselves. Think of it - we all screw around sometimes at our desks and aren't 100% productive all of the time - but when you're feeling good - you don't really think about it (don't get me wrong - I'm a total go-getter too). Also - think of when  you have the flu - you don't function to 100% sometimes for 2-3 weeks - do you feel bad about it? NO.

    This 1st tri thing is temporary - and once we get past week 12-13 - it will be a whole different story. They say (and I remember for me) that the peak of this m/s thing is week 7-9.

    Personally, I'm already planning to ask for some vacation time during that period so that I can plan to have some rest time for myself. I'm also planning to request to work from home a few days - my boss is cool with that from time to time.

    It sucks. I'm with you. I'm sitting here sucking on tic-tacs in the hope that I don't actually go downstairs to the cafe and buy MORE food to keep me from hurling onto my computer monitor. But this too shall pass!!!!

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  • i stayed home today Embarrassed i am a preschool teacher, so it's really hard to take any breaks, or put my feet up...and let's not even get into when they eat breakfast and lunch, disgusting.  To make matter worse, one of the infant teachers is quitting, so starting friday, one of my assistants will be temporarily moved over to cover in the infant room, so that will knock my room down to 2 people for awhile Sad  i threw up for the first time last night (thanks to my first craving...mashed potatoes with bbq sauce all over them), and have felt like sh!t all night, so i decided to just take the day off and rest. Yes i feel guilty, yes i know i shouldn't have called in.


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  • I am a teacher too, and kids just don't understand that the teacher needs to take it easy! In years past I really had the energy to be into it, this year I feel like I am faking it.

    Ice water helps, crackers and peanuts too!

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  • It's really hard.  Sometimes I do shut my door and lay my head down for a few minutes.  Hard sour candy and pretzels help quite a bit for me. 
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  • Thank you for all the responses and support!  It really does help to know I'm not alone in this!  I am going to try some of your suggestions and keep on plugging away....


  • Ugh, it's killing me right now!  I teach first grade, so they are BUSY all the time and I have to keep up with them.  I'm so tired I want to cry!  I also can't go pee as often as I need to because I can only go when the kids are somewhere else, like art or PE.  I just do the best I can to stay awake all day!  And I may be guilty of throwing in a phonics or science video at the end of the day every once in a while to make it until dismissal!
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  • I work M-F 8-5, and I get an hour long lunch break. I've been lucky enough to not experience any MS, but I feel like a useless, sleep-walking woman right now. I am so tired, I didn't think I would be able to keep working but I have to. It helps a BUNCH if you take advantage of your hour lunch and use it to eat and rest, no more multi-tasking and errands! I have just asked my hubby to pick up on things I can no longer get done on my lunch break, and it helps me last the next 4 hours. I also have been going to bed between 8-9 on the weeknights. Bringing small snacks to constantly give yourself energy helps as well.
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      i threw up for the first time last night (thanks to my first craving...mashed potatoes with bbq sauce all over them), and have felt like sh!t all night, so i decided to just take the day off and rest.


    haha, I'm glad you posted this because that happened to me with macaroni salad(which I HATE normally) but I ate half the container and felt like crap that night and the next day! How do these things look so good in the beginning and then come back to haunt us?!

  • This has been so helpful to read. Yesterday I had a great day, felt pretty good and got a lot done at work- I seriously think it's because I barely left the couch all day Sunday.

    But now today I was so tired this morning I literally just sat, wrapped in a blanket, staring at my computer screen trying to look busy until lunch, when I retreated to my car for a nap and am doing better (which is a relative term, I'm still on thebump instead of doing work) this afternoon. When I get home, all I look forward to is crashing on the couch- except I need to feed myself. Ugh.

    1st trimester is SERIOUSLY not designed for a working woman. I think you should be able to take short term disability leave during this time!

    Reading your posts, and working with mostly women who have grown children, I haven't said anything, but I wonder if it's written all over my pale tired face....

  • Thanks ladies. As I'm sitting here at my desk (my kids are with another teacher for my prep) I'm feeling nauseous and gross. This is the worst its been, but I can't just sit at my desk all day trying not to throw up.  I don't know how people do this for WEEKS.  If it continues I may be taking off a day here and there, in order to rest up.  I feel like I've been hit by a train.  
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  • I am 9 weeks pregnant and I am just starting to get M/S. I've been so lucky up to this point, but the last 3 days I've been super sick! Yesterday I was throwing up all day so I took the day off and this morning I couldn't even get through the shower without getting sick! I felt awful the rest of the day and I agree with everyone that it's sooo hard to concentrate at work and be productive! I am hoping that if anything, it is off and on for me, not continuous.
  • I agree with the long term disability, sick leave....anything!!  Getting through an 8 hour work day without vomiting or falling asleep at my desk is quite the challenge! :(
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