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Am i prego?

Good morning ladies,

My name is Vanessa and I dont know if i am or not. Let me give u a short detail of whats going on:

This past month we finally closed on our house and with the whole stressing of moving and closing I havent been a good girl with my birth control pills and i would miss the pill a day and then take it the next day with the current pill of that day. It happened alot this month.

In the beginning of september we had done the deed but i hadnt taken the pill from the previous day and then i took 2 pills late that nite.

2 weeks ago when i suppose to get my period it was something abnormal from my usual period. I'm a heavy period girl with or without the pill and this was like spots tiny spots and extremely light bleeding and it was super short. so i was uh oh!

Well since then i have been feeling like poopie unsual headaches, light headed, dizziness and feeling like throwing up. My sister in law told me well take a test so i did on different days and they both came out negative.

So i was like ok maybe i'm not or its too early to tell well since then i havent been feeling well at all ive puke 2 or 3 times a day for the past week and now i'm freaking out cause i look online and see the symptons and i usually have all of them (nausea, dizzy, headaches, going to the potty alot, thirty, implementation bleeding)

 I'm going to my mom in law doctor office to take a test to find out for sure.

Could i or could i not.

Either way its a blessing for us no matter what!

Re: Am i prego?

  • Only thing you can do is confirm with bloodwork. Good luck at the doctors. :)
  • I would re-test or get a blood test from the doctor's office.  Good luck!
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  • imagemiamicubajam:
    Only thing you can do is confirm with bloodwork. Good luck at the doctors. :)


    ditto to this! Urine preg tests are pretty accurate but ive seen them come back negative and have a positive blood test. so yes, get a blood test. oh, and welcome to the board! ;) 

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  • thanks im running straight after work to my mom in laws house.

    im nervous and scared cause maybe i'm just sick or maybe i am i did those online pregnancy tests that ask questions nad most of them said i am but i dont know.

     blood test it is!

  • I wouldn't go by an online questionnaire....

    Make an appointment with your doctor or stop by planned parenthood to take a blood test.

  • Totally agree with the other ladies you should go get bloodwork i have also heard of pee test coming back negative and they were. Good Luck
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  • Even if you are not pregnant, it could be something serious that is blocking your normal flow.  I would ask the OB/GYN.
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