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a great mommy and me group

I wrote a while ago about wanting to join a mommy and me group. Well I recently joined one and so far I love it. It gets us out of the house a few times a week. They have activity ideas almost everyday, sometimes 3-4 different ones a day. Everyone that I met so far is super nice. They had a monthly meeting a few weeks ago, so I went and joined at that time. It is called Mommy and Me of Kansas City North. I am not getting anything out of this, just passing the word along. :) 

Re: a great mommy and me group

  • That is awesome!  Do they have activities in the evenings ever?  We live towards the middle part of town but I haven't found a group that does anything in the evenings since I am a working mom.  Grady and Hudson are pretty close in age too!  I would love to find him some friends besides the kids at daycare and get me out of the house once or twice a week.

    Thanks for any info you can provide me with!

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