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Anyone with long cycles?

CD58...  I'm scheduled to take some baseline tests on CD3 for my fertility specialist.  I have had 3 cycles since February (59 days, 59 days, and 37 days).  They don't think it's PCOS because I see an endocrinologist every year for tests (unrelated thyroid issue that was resolved and just being monitored).  I'm seeing an acupuncturist and he hasn't been able to help with this yet. 

Anyone else had this issue and what did your dr recommend?   My dr suggested doing IUI / Clomid after we get our test results back, but I wonder what other options we may have.  Thanks in advance for your help!

BTW - yea, I took a few HPTs just to make sure... :(

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Re: Anyone with long cycles?

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    not from my own experience but a cousins.  Her doctor put her on BC for 3 months to regulate her cycle then clomid for another 3 months and she got her BFP.  She usually has 2-3 cycles a year without BC assistance.
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    Mine are longer than a lot of ladies but usually 34-36 and I thought that was long, I don't really have any advice. Maybe b/c pills or I think provera can start AF. GL
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