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Will we need bed, car seat, etc. for homestudy?

We are pursuing the adoption of a 22 month-old that I work with.  The only thing we have done so far is let it be known through the child's caseworker that we are interested.  We know we will need a homestudy, but will we need to have all the supplies, room set up, car seat, etc. by the time the homestudy occurs?  In a way, I would really hope not.  Besides the obvious heartbreak of the adoption falling through, it would be a shame to buy all that stuff.

Re: Will we need bed, car seat, etc. for homestudy?

  • You have to prove that you have a bed for her to sleep in, a room for her to sleep in, and in some cases, this sounds silly, but you need a towel that would hers. I don't know why they sometimes want to see that, but they do. Oh and also a drawer that would be designated for her clothing. A Home Study is more than just looking at the house. It's a long process of interviews with you, your husband and then with you both together.

  • Ask your social worker or whoever is doing your home study what they require.  We did not have to have anything for the baby when we had our homestudy.  They just wanted to see where the baby's room would be and they walked through our house, but didn't ask to see a crib or anything.  Every agency is different, so ask to see what your agency wants.  Good luck!!!
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  • I would ask the social worker how much of a room should be set up.
  • I would say to have a bedroom set up for her, so that things move quickly.  She will need a bed, dresser, closet. 
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