A Plea to the Creators of the Bump... Solace

PLEASE... please either get a moderator for this board or get a new board for Birth Mothers. That way if there are nice and supportive people like 98% of the people on this board, they can click the link and learn more about the birth moms that struggle EVERY MINTUE OF EVERY DAY with the decision they made and how it impacted good on others but sometimes poorly on themselves., PLEASE make another community board called "Birth Moms" so that we can continue to support each other, and hopefully to the peace that we deserve.

It takes a lot to make the decision we as BMs made. Please. Give us somewhere where we can post OUR questions and concerns where we may not be disturbing others. Give us our own link where the AMs that care can come in and read and show support, and the AM's that don't can stay on their own board and be happy.

If anyone knows how I can formally submit this request please let me know, this is just the only way I am aware of at the moment since they do patrol the boards. 

It saddens me that there are people who believe that Birth Moms aren't a part of adoption. But if it means no more harassment for me, or any other BM certain posters may have harassed, so be it.

I appreciate a lot of people on here, Gulfcoaster, ArtTeacher, Fredalina, SHalleran, praying*4one, amazingkel, and mcmann05 to name just a few... You ladies are amazing people and I continue to support you on your journeys, though I may not always know what to say being on the other side of things :))).

Re: A Plea to the Creators of the Bump... Solace

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    You can contact NestAnni.  You can also use the Block function. 

    i strongly recommend the block function.

    I just noticed such thing! Thank you! 

  • IE: Now if they create another board, you best stay off of that one! BWWWWHHAAAAAAAAAAAAA HAAAAAAAAAAAAAAA HAAAAAAAAA. This post is HIlarious.
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  • I've already asked for that as well but I doubt it will happen. I decided to mostly post on a private forum for first moms and only occasionally post on non private forums. If you want a link to some private first mom places just send me a PM. Sometimes its just too hard to post on a triad board. I didn't see what was said but I am sorry you have been hurt.
  • imagefredalina:

    You can contact NestAnni.  You can also use the Block function. 

    Note that even if a moderator is appointed, they will only remove posts that violate terms of service.  "Not being nice" isn't a violation of TOS, even if it is uncalled for.  And a board for birthmoms doesn't stop rude people from posting there and not being nice. 

    i strongly recommend the block function.

    I agree with Fred. Unfortunately bullies do not respect boundaries.  I'm really sad to see so much drama on this board.  

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  • With all due respect, you're keeping the drama going by making new posts about this subject. What the person on the post below said was rude, but such is the risk on a public message board. I am in no way defending what s/he said to you, but this doesn't help matters.

    You can contact the bump or a moderator with your suggestions, but even with another board, it will still be a public message board on which anyone can read or post. Most of the women on here have been very supportive of you (I mostly lurk now, I don't post here much anymore) so I'd focus on that rather than the insensitive comment of one person.

    If you want a board where things can be monitored to your specifications, I suggest creating your own because as I said, at the end of the day, it is a public message board.

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