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Saw your post about bad experiences with Here We Grow in Salem. I was wondering what your experience was there and why you disliked it?

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  • Hi- sorry I do not sign on this board a lot.  I replied in the other post as well.

     During our 10 months there, DS had 8 primary teachers.  they just kept leaving.  They hire really young people, and they would just not show up.  it was awful.

    Then they refused to move him up to the 2 year room even though he was 2, and other kids were being moved younger than him.  They said due to his lack of speech he would be lost in the room and not ask what he needed.  I reminded them speech is NOT a reason not to move a child.

    he was left in the young toddler room, and they moved up some pretty small girls. Him being 2, he was walking/running and they were barely walking.  he would try and jump over them and mistakenly would hurt them, because they were 1 and he was 2.  Not only 2, but he is a BIG kid, as you can see from my pic, he is 3 there.  

    one of the younger boys in his classroom started hitting him.  Which I saw and told the teacher multiple times. they never did anything about it.  they never told the other boys parents, and my son became skiddish due to it.  it was really bad.  

    They finally moved him up over the summer he was 2, and he still was not happy.  then one day I brought home his bathing suit, and went to wash it.  they never told me he had an accident.  there was diarrhea everywhere in his bathing suit.

     I did not do a ton of research before hand.  in 2007, i think that is the year, there was a big complaint that a teacher demeaned a child.  The director was told, and all she did was move the teacher to a different classroom.  

    After that, I was done.  Over all the program did not help my son, in fact it probably held him back in several areas.  As for a day care, it seemed fine.  but for a preschool, it is not very good.  especially compared to where he is now.  He is now 3.5, can count way over 30, spell and write his name.  spell other easy words, mama, dada, anna  (his BFF).  His verbal skills are great considering he only started talking at 3, and he is 3yr 5m.  He potty trained at 2.5.  I doubt here we grow could have potty trained in that young!! 

     I do hope your experience is better than mine was with my DS.  good luck.  



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