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I don't even want to know sometimes...

So, I am fantasizing about next Saturday. The 2ww will be over. I have the POAS greenlight that day....yet--I don't even know if I want to do it.

RE tells me all this happy positive stuff---then I break down in tears in the lab last time. I felt like a dork.

I have not even felt one twinge this month, last time--I had every "symptom"-> fatigue, sore breasts, cramping, mood swings, nausea...this month-nothing. I feel nothing. No symptoms, except occasional rage...Devil

So, no news is better than a BFN....YEAH---->>> I am saying that now, but come next Saturday morning....POAS..... ;) "hormones make me nutty"

Re: I don't even want to know sometimes...

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    next Saturday is my big day too.  although I'm thinking I won't wait and go for Friday night instead.  I keep imagining some faint symptoms.  rediculous...I'm going nutty too!!!!!!  hang in there!
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    Hi Ladies,

    I'm a newbie although I have posted an intro and a question here and there, I mostly lurk.  Next Sat is "D" day for me as well.  Good vibes going your way, baby dust to us all :)

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    I am a newbie as well, and my 2ww is next sat as well. The wait is getting to me as well, and this is my 1st round of Clomid.  It gives me hope and comfort to read the messages you all write.  I feel better I am not alone in all of this craziness.  I am really not a believer in luck, so instead I prayed for you all.   

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    Pix--I was thinking about you too.. I hope we all are going to have bfp's next week and I will continue to "try" and think good thoughts....I need all the support I can get and I appreciate you all!
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    You can add me to the testing next Saturday club, it looks like there are a lot of us!  I know how you feel.  Some months I am extremely optimistic (a lot of good that's done me) and some months I dread getting what I'm sure will be bad news.  This month I'm feeling a little hopeful but I think that's mostly because I have my first RE appointment in a couple weeks. I just keep my eye on the prize. Good luck to all of us!
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    Good luck to all of you!  Saturday can't come soon enough, eh.
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