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Experiences ordering furniture at La Ideal in Pembroke Pines?

I ordered my nursery furniture through Baby Love, and now it looks like that may not work out since they declared bankruptcy.  Thankfully I paid with AmEx, in case there are issues getting my money back!

USA Baby also carries the collection I want (Baby's Dream Legendary) but I've heard nothing but horror stories about them, so don't want to order there.  

That leaves La Ideal as the only other local retailer for this brand.  I went in there once and was not impressed with the service I received, but maybe it was an off day or something.   

Please tell me some of you have ordered furniture through there and been happy??  I feel like I'm scrambling to figure out a backup furniture plan.


P.S.  I didn't even know this board was here until now.  Hi! 

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Re: Experiences ordering furniture at La Ideal in Pembroke Pines?

  • I ordered from there and they were great. I got my crib and dresser within a week as they had it in stock. I live all the way in Boca so the shipping was supposed to be like $200 but they lowered it to $130 for me. They also put the crib together for me at no charge and the guys who did it were great- worked quickly and had no problems with it what so ever.


    I have a friend who originally ordered from Baby Love and just cancelled her order cause they couldn't guarantee a delivery date. She ended up going to Ideal and getting the crib there...they had it in stock and she was very happy with the service although she did mention something about $100 to put the crib together so she declined. I was not charged for them to put it together but it could be that I ordered 2 pieces and she only ordered 1...who knows. Good Luck!

  • Initially, we ordered w/ Baby Love (also Baby's Dream), but after speaking w/ mgr, looks like it will take too long to deliver (we have received nothing but amazing customer service so wanted to see what happened w/ them first - they are reorganizing). 

    Our next choice was USA Baby... we ordered from there about 2 wks ago, and ended up canceling it all w/ AMEX b/c of the TERRIBLE customer service we received from the owner!  Seriously, he screamed at us at two different occasions.  

    Right now we are in limbo as to where to buy from.  I've heard mixed reviews from La Ideal... but they do have a big variety (at least the store in Int'l Mall does).  GL  

    -- Jackie
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  • We got our furniture from there. Worked with Jonathan. Had no issues. Happy shopping!
  • I ordered our crib from them last year.  The service was excellent, the time frame they gave was accurate for delivery and they did charge $60.00 for delivery and putting it together which I thought was worth it.

    Also they take competitors coupons even Bed Bath and Beyond 20% ones so I was able to use it on my Munire crib.

     I went in today looking for a car seat and was a little dissapointed to find out the people who worked there a year ago are not there anymore and the girl that took care of us did not seem very knowledgeable about some of the questions I was asking.  Just saying this because I don't know if anything has changed regarding reliability since then.

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  • Oh and yeah Jonathan is not there anymore, I had worked with him on some items and his brother Joel on the crib.  They are both gone.....
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  • Thanks guys, this is reassuring. I'm going to talk to Baby Love again this week, and if they can't guarantee my furniture will arrive within the original time they quoted me, I will cancel and go with Ideal. It's a shame, because I've always had excellent service with Baby Love and have been happy to give them business whenever possible. I just can't chance it with something like this! I hope they make it through this and are able to stay in business.
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  • we ordered our furniture from there also, they were great, the wait time was only a few days, and the guys put the crib together with no extra fee--they were also super fast, we were very happy with La Ideal.
  • My experience has been a bit different than others have mentioned. Overall my issue was never about how nice the staff was but more about the fact, NO ONE is on the same page. Honestly to have a business run smoothly, all employees should be trained and provided with the same information. Kind of annoying when 1 person is telling you that a 10% off the 2nd purchase for twins does not exist. Then he goes to ask the older gentleman that had the nerve to say that we had to spend over $4K to even be considered for a 10% discount off the 2nd item. I explained that all stores Babies R Us, Buy Buy Baby, Baby Love, USA Baby, etc. all offer twin discount except for them! (Enter sarcasm) They looked at me like a liar. Finally I speak with someone who seemed to have some knowledge and our furniture was ordered. Come to find out that things I clearly covered in detail with him, changed after my money was paid in full. To make matters worse he bluntly lied to DH and I in our face, to not get in trouble with the owner. Enough to make my blood boil but I held myself together with gods will. I love their selection and have nothing against Ideal Baby, just feel that the other stores might be more on the ball than this location. Again my situation was completely different since it was all based on twin discount vs. a single furniture purchase. You might actually have no problems with them. Best of luck. Just wanted to be honest.
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