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How do I get her to sit up??

Sarah refuses to sit!  She HATES it.  She won't even sit in the bumbo b/c she wants to be standing or on her belly.  Shouldn't she be learning how to sit already?  She's army crawling all over the house, but she refuses to sit.  She's the complete opposite of Abby- Abby was sitting up at 6 months but didn't crawl until almost 11 months, I think...

Re: How do I get her to sit up??

  • How about a jumparoo where she can sit or stand.  I would prop up the Boppy behind Spencer, but he did not mind sitting. 

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  • Have you tried giving her something she likes while she's in the Bumbo -- a favorite toy, a yummy snack? What about sitting on your lap or propping her up with the Boppy or on the couch?

    I'm sure Sarah will figure it out and she's just trying to show you smart she is with her new found army-crawling adventure. Give her some time and she'll surprise you with what she does next. :) 

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