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Little Gym or Gymboree Classes?

Hi, my daughter just turned two and my mom watches her during the day when my husband and I are at work.  I want her to have more interaction with other children her age.  I am planning to enroll her in either Gymboree or Little Gym Classes in Strongsville.  They are kinda pricey so I want to make sure I make the right decision.  Are your little ones enrolled in classes?  If so what do you recommend?  Thanks in advance!

Re: Little Gym or Gymboree Classes?

  • We haven't done those yet, but at our library's story time, there are at least 3 kids who's grandmas bring them, so something like that could be something to consider - and it's free.
  • Can you tell me more about which library, days and times?  I am really interested... I want to find indoor activities now that it's getting cold and dark early... I live on the west side.  Thanks!

  • We go to Bay Library - you can go to the Cuyahoga County Library's website for times, etc. - we got to the snugglebugs on Wed at 10 but I know they have a few other times, and the other libraries do storytimes.  Lakewood, River and Westlake libraries are all independent of the county system but have info on their websites.  I haven't gone to any of their sessions, but have heard good things about the storytimes at Porter Library in Westlake.
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