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Anyone else?

So I've noticed that when I lay on my left side, I'm much more nauseous than when I lay on my right...not really sure why that it, but it woke me up this morning (well, before the alarm anyway). I was trying to get comfortable and shifted to my left and WHOA! Not the best way to start the day! Anyone else find they're more nauseous lying on one side vs the other?
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Re: Anyone else?

  • That happened to me the other night. If I shifted from one side to the other, I felt like crap.  Luckily, it hasn't been re-occuring and I don't mind keeping it that way :o)
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  • ME TOO!!!!

    i can't lay on my left... full blown nausea. i can lay on my right side just fine. or on my back... as long as my knees are bent. (weird, i know)

    glad i'm not the only person with this issue!

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  • If I lay flat on my back, I get more queasy. 
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  • This may explain why every time I laid down on the couch last night (on my left side) I got SUPER nauseous! Never though of it having to do with what side I was on...
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