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hello .. new here

I am new to this board, been on the preemie board off and on since my daughter was born and also on the pregnancy boards.

My daughter was born Jan 4, 2010 at 30W.  I had pre-e and had to get her out to save both our lives.  She is doing GREAT now, just has severe reflux so she def does not look her age (8 1/2 mo).

I am looking for other moms in the Aurora/Denver area that have a moms group or even a preemie group. 

I am going 2 school at Everest in Aurroa and grad in Dec w/ a certificate in Medical Billing & Coding.  I can't wait lol Khloe (my daughter) has inspired me to go back and FINISH something.

Anyways, anyone email me ( [email protected] ) and let me know about any groups plz. Thanks :)


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