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Hi. I just Google.searched to find a phone number for Lactation services at Heart. The second Google result was your post about delivery experiences at Heart. I had my daughter there on August 2. I had mild pre-e, and was induced at 37 weeks, 2 days. The induction was three days long (started Friday afternoon, baby born early Monday morning). Overall, my experience was great. Medically, the staff really worked with me to keep me informed and helped me to have the birth I wanted, even with the restrictions placed on me with the pre-e (example, I really wanted to walk during labor...they did their best to get me out of bed with a portable monitor, but LO wasn't liking the portable monitor. I am glad they tried though). I really liked the rooms...unless you are a c-section, you stay on the same room for the entire stay and baby rooms in with you. I had a pretty awful tear, so the "golden hour" did not happen quite as planned. However the hospital staff advocates that...having a quiet hour with just you, baby, and your DH. The food...well, it is hospital food...but not terrible. Stay away from the fish. And lastly, Lactation services is fabulous. Lots of support and very proactive at making sure you have what you need to BF want to do that. I could definitely answer specific questions. You can find me on Parenting after a Loss and page me there. Good luck!
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