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California Benefits Identification Card?


 I was laid off from my job recently and lost all my health coverage.  I immediately enrolled my child in the state's healthy program. I received in the mail today was a california benefits identification card.  I am confused as what this is.. There is no link, phone number or any additional information what it covers.  Has any have to deal with this?  Sorry, I'm just a little stressed out and unsure what I need to do. I use to have Kaiser and really enjoyed having them. I'm not sure if Kaiser will accept this.  Does anyone know?

 Thank you!

Re: California Benefits Identification Card?

  • You should recieve a thick packet with more info than you want in the next week.

    Hang in there. Also there shoul;d be a number or web site on the card you can check out for info.

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  • You applied for Healthy Families of California correct?

     If you got this card it means that your child may not qualify for healthy families and that your application has been sent to Medi-cal. You are now in the review process, which takes 45 days. The card does NOT guarantee coverage.

    If your child qualifies for Medi-cal you get to choose where they receive care. Kaiser is one of the places and if your child was covered by Kaiser in the past they likelihood of them being able to be seen at Kaiser goes up.

     Here is a link that tells you how to check your application status at Healthy Families. If you talk to a rep, after the recording, they should be able to give you more info

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  • Yes, I applied for the Healthy Families.. Thank you so much for the info!

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