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Running while pregnant?

I'm 7 weeks pregnant and very healthy. Prior to my pregnancy I was running 3-5 days a week at 10 min/mile pace. I would like to continue to run, but my OBGYN reccomends to all her patients that they reduce their run to a brisk walk. She says that vigorous exercise reduces the oxygen that gets to the baby, and that the jarring can induce miscarriage.

 I have read several articles from reliable sources that say running while pregnant, albeit modified as needed, is not only safe but healthy.

 I'm looking for thoughts, opinions, experiences etc.

Re: Running while pregnant?

  • I use to run alot before getting pregnant almost every day and up to 3 miles but, now going into my 7th week I changed pace. I do a combination of jogging and walking in a loop around my neighborhood. I maybe jog for 5 minutes then walk especially going over bumps. I work out for about 20-25 minutes outside. Stay in tuned with your body if you start to feel winded I would take it down a knotch. I remember my doctor telling me to wear  a pedometer to heart track of my heart rate to keep it around 104. Something like that.

    Instead of running I like to hike or bike is also a great excersise. There is an article that says we are suppose to excersise at least 15 minutes a day like swimming or biking. I loved to do Zumba but, is now too much for being pregant. About 13 weeks I think is when you slow down more and have to take it easy but keep moving. I love doing is squats and scissor kicks which keep my legs in shape since I don't run as often. 


    Hope this is helpful! 

  • I ran the Rock N Roll Half Marathon on Labor Day in VA Beach.  I am usually about a 10 min pace.  Over the summer I was running 25+ miles a week.  I ran about an 11min pace because the nurse scared me so much at my appointment.  However, my doctor was a bit more understanding and stated I should listen to my body.  I am training for the Richmond Half and run 4 days a week (3 3 mile runs and then one long run that works up until the race).  I am keeping my pace to about 10:30.  I know I will not make a PR, but running makes me feel so much better.  My body was tired at the beginning.  In fact, that is when I knew something was up, and I stopped at a CVS after a 5 mile run.  My body is not tired from running, it just does not have as much energy, so you have no choice but to lower your pace.  Stay hydrated as well.  One of the doctors at the practice I go to actually did a marathon while pregnant!  I would not recommend that, but if you were a runner before, I say stay with it.
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  • First off congrats on the pregnancy. I also wanted to say congrats on the half marathon. I live in VA Beach and my hubby ran.

    My doctor said the same thing about running.  I recently had twins...well almost three months ago. My doctor encouraged me to stay active while being prego. I truly believe that the being in some kind of shape makes it easier for delivery. I have plans to run the shamrock marathon this coming March.

    P.S. If the twins are your first kids, it is not so bad. 

    Good luck with everything :) 

  • Everyone on this post is SO helpful!  I've been almost scared to run again and I have been running for a while.  There is so much out there and half of it conflicts with the other half.  i know that ultimately i have to consult the doctor, but it's hard when running has been such a LARGE part of my daily life.  I ran in the Rock -N-Roll (before I was pregnant) and then just recently a 8K and a 10K in VA beach.  My worry is that I want to be able to run further along. So hearing that I should just listen to my body is helpful, although with this as my first pregnancy I'm totally cautious of everything (or at least I feel a bit more nervous about my previous activities that I was doing regularly.)


    Thank you all sooo much.  Look forward to hearing more.

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