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Anyone in the Colorado Springs area?

I've been here a little over a year and am expecting our first child (it's a girl!) but I don't really have any friends that are new or expecting moms.  There are groups for playdates once the kid is born, but I haven't found a way to connect pre-birth with anyone.  Since I don't work out of the house that makes it harder to meet people too.  DH and I are in our late 20's and are fairly active & like getting out in the mountains to play (although I haven't done much since getting pregnant since my doc doesn't want me over 7,000 feet).  Anyone in the area want to try to connect?
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Re: Anyone in the Colorado Springs area?

  • Hi!  I just moved to the Springs in late July and haven't had a chance to meet people/make friends.  I am such a social person that it's driving me crazy.  We also love the outdoors and would love to connect with people.  I'll pm you my info. 


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  • Hi Ash!  I'm either having a pregnancy dumb moment or the Bump is acting up b/c I can't find your pm anywhere.  Where would it show up that I have a message?
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  • Lol.  I thought you just didn't want to get in touch.  Totally forgot to check back over here.  I normally hang out on First Tri and May 2011 Mommas.  Sorry!  You can find PMs on the left side of the screen (where the boards are listed).  Scroll all the way down.  It will say "all boards" "nest boards" birth clubs" then "my boards".  "Check PMs" is right under this area.  You should have my email in there.  Look forward to hearing from you.  :)
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  • Hi Veggiegirl,


    I'm in the Springs also. I've been here about a year and a half. I've never really used the message boards, so I'm not sure what I'm doing, but hopefully you'll see this message! I'm 20 weeks- we find out in a few days if it's a boy or girl (our first). Is it normal to not want pregnant moms here to go over 7000 feet? We were going to take a drive in the mountains today :) 

  • Hi luvjc82!  Exciting you get to find out this week what you're having.  It was a huge relief for me to find out what we were more guesses and time to start thinking of names! 

    Did you go for the drive into the mountains?  I've been back & forth to Denver a few times, and I've hiked a little bit above 7,000, but I've tried to stay below.  The biggest thing my doc was worried about is getting light-headed, dizzy, and/or nauseous being too high.  I've talked to one woman who said she ignored that & was up at altitude a lot while she was pregnant, but she ended up delivering prematurely in both of her pregnancies and I have a feeling all that lack of oxygen had at least a little bit to do with it. 

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  • Hey veggiegirl,

     We found out we are also having a girl. We had a feeling it was a boy (not sure why) so we were surprised. We're excited though. Names are definitely hard!! Have you guys chosen one? My husband really likes one but I'm not so sure yet. Anyway, we did drive in the mountains around 10,000 feet. My chest was kind of tight so we didn't stay up there too long but enjoyed the fall colors. My doctor said it was okay to go up to that altitude when I asked yesterday, but I won't if it makes me feel not great. Hope you're having a good week.

  • i am in poncha springs about 2 hours away from u. but if u are ever up for chatting find me on yahoo messenger [email protected]
  • hi veggiegrl... i live in poncha springs so after ur lil one is born we can meet up. i have a yr old daughter but i am always trying to meets new momsand set up playdates
  • I live in the springs and actually was born here. Most of my friends have moved or gone off to college so I don't really have anyone to talk to either. I have a 4 year old and an 8 month old. My husband and I used to be very active but after our first, work and school we find it hard to get out and do those kind of things like we used to. I'm always up to meeting new people and having an excuse to get out and do things. If you're interested in becoming friends just message me! I'm kinda new to this bump thing so don't get affended if it takes me some time to see the message lol. Thanks, Ashley
  • My husband and I are in Florissant. We have no family anywhere near us and haven't connected with many people yet. Would love to meet up sometime!
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  • My husband and I moved here in July from Arizona. We're expecting our first and I would love to meet new people... H&H 9 months to everyone!
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  • Hello! I just moved to Colorado Springs on May 1st.  Love it so far!  I lived outside of Philadelphia for a few years and being around genuinely nice people is a breath of fresh air.  I would love to meet up with other newbies in the area if anyone's interested.  I'm due in September, so I'm hoping I have a few months left before I get really big.  :)
  • So glad to see that there is actually some action on this board! I live in cos and have my entire life. I have a 7 month old DD and would love for her to be able to get out and meet other babies. I am a young mom so all my ex friends pretty much ditched me when I had my daughter. DH and I aren't really active people so we don't get out much. I would love to just have another mom to talk to. It gets pretty lonely being a sahm. If you want to chat or txt pm me for my info.
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  • I just saw this post, but I guess I'm a bit late.  I'm also in my late 20s and my hubby and I are expecting our first baby in Jan.
  • imagecbradney:
    I just saw this post, but I guess I'm a bit late.  I'm also in my late 20s and my hubby and I are expecting our first baby in Jan.

     Hi Cbradney! I'm also in my late 20's and expecting in February 2012.. What part of the Springs are you in? I'm on the west side.

  • where did you find groups for playdates...I have a 5 month the Springs???
  • Hi,

    We're due our first baby in November, not finding out if it's a girl or a boy!  We've been here about a year and a half and I am also trying to find some kind of mommy group, have tried Meet Up but they're not very good at replying?!  I'm North-side but up for any meet-ups that we might arrange!?


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  • We are moving back to Colorado Springs in April. DH and I lived there for 4 years while I attended UCCS for nursing, then relocated to NM for 2.5  years. We cannot wait to come back! I am excited to meet some new mommas!
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  • My baby is due in September and I definitely would love to meet mom's with children in the same age group.  Feel free to let me know if you're interested!
  • Hii, My name is Courtney. My husband and I are in our early 20's. 

    We have a 16 months old little girl, named Cecelia.

    We are expecting a little boy December 28th.

    I've lived in the Springs the majority of my life and my husband's been here his whole life...

    We're not any fun though.  

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  • Hi! My name is Sarah. My husband and I moved here last year but have been so busy with work and living with his parents that we really haven't met a lot of people down here. We are now out of the basement (yes!) and just got a positive, though faint, line on a pregnancy test. I was hoping to connect with other mothers to be down here.


    And Courtney, we are just miserable to hang out with too. :)

  • Hi I just saw your post.  I'm also on the west side!  I actually lost my baby due in jan but now am due in may!  How do I know if someone responds to a post?
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