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Pediatrician in Richmond/Midlothian

I am looking for a good recommendation for a pediatrician in this area.  I work in Midlothian and the day care that I have selected is in this area as well.  I want to make things easy on me when I return to work.  Any suggestions?

Re: Pediatrician in Richmond/Midlothian

  • Hi there, I live in Midlothian, and have just started taking my 4 week old son to,  Pediatric and Adolescent Heath Partners practice.   It is a large practice, with several doctors, but I have not had any issues seeing the same dr each well baby visit. They are located in Midlothian and also have an office in Bon Air.  I like the fact that they have a well baby/child room, a sick baby/child room, as well as a waiting room for just teenagers.  So far I have had very positive experience and found the staff to be very friendly and re-assuring as I am a new Mom.
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