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anyone try to switch from sensitive formula to regular?

After Liam was born I breastfed and gave him Advanced Shield formula.  After him screaming in pain after eating and having lots of gas issues, we tried the Similac Sensitive Formula for gassy babies.  He's been great and has not problems with it.

My question.  He's five months now and doesn't have problems with the night time formula (the sensitive is a lactose free so I want him exposed to milk too).... so should I try a regular formula again?  Center he is going to provides formula and not sure if I should try it or not.  

Anyone able to switch back after using a specialty formula? 

Re: anyone try to switch from sensitive formula to regular?

  • I have not had luck so far......I last tried about 3 weeks ago.....but I am sure you could try it, every baby is different so you never know! 

    I did ask the pedi if it was bad to keep DS on sensitive formula if we didn't know for sure he was lactose sensitive or intolerant....pedi said not at all....whatever works for him just keep doing it.

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  • I am going to ask his pedi at his 4 mo appt about the same thing.  I bf and supplement with similac sensitive.  His gas got so much better at 3 months.  I don't think the prob was the formula, but didn't want to keep switching it around w/o asking his pedi first.
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  • Sophia was the same exact way when I was BF, we decided to put her on Similac sensitive and she did great. At her 4 month appt, her pedi told us we could try to switch her to a regular formula. Well we tried, and failed. She projectile vomited after every feeding, it was not good! I called the pedi and she said to switch back to the sensitive b/c some babies just do better on it. I'm gonna give it a couple of months and maybe try it again. Like you, I also want DD exposed to the lactose, but DH is lactose intolerant so it may not work out...
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  • I believe the Sensitive version is just as good as the regular so I won't try to switch.  My DD stayed on the sensitive until she transitioned to milk and DS will do the same.
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  • we switched from Similac Sensitive to Good Start Gentle at 3 months old and had no issues. We just went straight to good start, no gradual change. It did take about a week before his gas settled but once he was back on good start he was pooping every morning on schedule with no problems
  • We had almost the exact same situation. Tummy troubles while it was a supplement to BF. But now she's SO much less gassy than when she was when she was a itty bitty thing, so now we've switched back to a normal formula with no ill effects.
  • I'm lactose intolerant and I am okay with him staying on the formula.  Justing thinking that if the center he will go to provides formula then we could save a little money.   
  • I'm so glad that you posted this question!  I have a 4-month old...he's eating oatmeal, bananas, applesauce, carrots and squash (gerber 1st stage) and still on the Similac Sensitive.  We've had him on it since he was 2weeks old due to constipation & gas caused by the regular formula.  I did try switching him back when he was 3 months (I too wanted him exposed to the milk/lactose proteins)and he became very cranky after his feeding (he is usually a very happy, content baby).  I just figured it was the formula and I haven't been "brave enough" to try it since then.  When I asked my pediatrician if I should try to switch him back he said that if he's happy with it, just keep using it and that I should not worry about exposing him to the lactose since it shouldn't make a difference.  I'm glad to read all the responses. 
  • We put both babies on Similac Sensitive at about 1 month bc the one was having some issues.  They switched back to Similac Advanced at 3 months, when they started daycare bc that's what they provided.  Right away Summer had issues again.  And poor Amelia started not pooping for 4-5 days.  So we switched back to Sensitive and they are fine again. :) 

    FYI, Pedi said it's fine to switch back and forth within a brand, but not across brands (Similac - Enfamil).  

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  • I have switched my son back and forth from Similac advance to sensitive to soy and back again..I put him back to the advance about 2 months ago and he has been fine... the sensitive and advance are both milk based so the switch isn't too bad what I did was gave him his normal feedings but made one bottle the formula I was switching too then the next day every third bottle to every other bottle to finally all.. there will be constipation with any change but shouldn't last too long just gave a little water in between or mixed karo syrup in with the formula...Good luck!
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